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Working dog etiquette

Service dog petted

Service dog harnesses

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Don’t go to PP for REPRODUCTIVE care

When Addison was a college freshman, she thought she might be pregnant and went to the six-story Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast mega-center for help.

PP Gulf Coast - Houston megafacility

The center advertises itself as a women’s reproductive health center and claims to be there to care for poor women. As an uninsured college student, Addison assumed that meant they were there for her. She found the opposite.

  • “Low cost” – She was charged $70 for a pregnancy blood test.
  • “Caring” – She was forbidden to have her fiancé come help her with her fear of needles during the blood draw.
  • “Health services” – Before the test result came back, a clinic worker recommended abortion. Addison said she didn’t believe in abortion.
  • “Help you make decisions” – After the test results came back positive, the clinic phoned and said, “We know you said you didn’t want an abortion in your visit today, but we wanted to make sure that is still the case?”
  • “Best health care” – When she called back to schedule prenatal care, she was told that they didn’t have doctors for prenatal care.

Houston PP does not do prenatal

The fifth CMP undercover video was filmed at that same Houston megaclinic. When Addison saw it, their attitude toward her and her pregnancy made perfect sense to her.

“No wonder they wanted to abort my baby. They could charge me for an abortion and make money selling its body parts.”

Read her story @ http://liveactionnews.org/woman-recalls-pp-visit-they-told-me-dont-have-doctors-pregnant-women/

Intact Fetuses “Just a Matter of Line Items” for Planned Parenthood TX Mega-Center [15:44]

They have SIX physicians who do second trimester abortions.  They have ZERO who do prenatal care.

2015_08 PP under attack Grumpy Cat says good

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