Fighting for its life

Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson: I saw the baby fighting for its life!

13 week

I had to have seven amnios with my youngest child. They were all ultrasound guided, plus I could feel her inside, and it was clear from the very first procedure that she did not like that needle coming into her personal space one little bit.

The amnios were about 2 weeks apart. Each time I went for an appointment, my unborn daughter would become agitated earlier and earlier in the appointment. Outside odors get into the amniotic fluid where the baby can taste and smell them and the smells in that office were unlike anything I normally experienced.

It was clear to me that she hated the needle and that she learned what smells, and maybe sounds, meant it would be coming in soon. By the last amnio, my daughter was kicking and rolling before they even started prepping me.

She was so agitated, the doctor had a hard time safely getting samples during the last few procedures. Finally, they resorted to shoving on the top of her head to make her curl up tighter in my womb, then while the nurse held her there, the doctor stuck the needle into the small space below the nurse’s hand to get the sample he needed.

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  1. I never had an amnio — it sounds horrible. Glad your daughter escaped unscathed!