6th Baby Parts R Us Video

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  • “So basically, you’re just going to go in there and take her blood and her fetus without her knowing?”
  • “I’m not gonna tell a woman to kill her baby just so I can get money. That’s what this company does.”
  • “If abortion was a good thing, there wouldn’t be so much emotional damage from it. End of story.”
  • “At FedEx, they’d want to know what was in the box and I didn’t know what to say … ‘there’s dead baby parts in there’?”

Aug 12, 2015: CMP undercover video about fetal harvesting [10:29]

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “About three quarters of all abortion clinics in America have closed since 1991, I am excited about how far we have come as a movement. Total victory is just around the corner!” – Troy Newman