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Today’s giggles

  • The last four letters in American…….I Can
  • The last four letters in Republican…..I Can
  • The last four letters in Democrats…..Rats
    “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” -Ecclesiastes 10:2
    Just sayin’.

GIRL getting right with Lord

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I am proud to StandWithConservatives

His Life Matters - cops

2015_08 12 Tea party helps ferguson again


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6th Baby Parts R Us Video

Stem Express form

  • “So basically, you’re just going to go in there and take her blood and her fetus without her knowing?”
  • “I’m not gonna tell a woman to kill her baby just so I can get money. That’s what this company does.”
  • “If abortion was a good thing, there wouldn’t be so much emotional damage from it. End of story.”
  • “At FedEx, they’d want to know what was in the box and I didn’t know what to say … ‘there’s dead baby parts in there’?”

Aug 12, 2015: CMP undercover video about fetal harvesting [10:29]

PP baby parts menu

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Obama’s Lies

Lies My President Told Me [6:27]
If you don’t know how each of these is a lie, google.

2008 vs 2015 Obama vacays

For the record, I think his 2008 statement was mega stupid. People need vacations if they’re going to stay sharp. I think he said it, not because he intended to work 24-7, but because the Left was making a big hairy deal out of how many days Dubya had spent at his ranch in Texas.

Biiiiig difference, folks, is that once the ranch was established as a presidential retreat (comms, security), it didn’t cost anything extra for him to go there. But when Obama goes on vacation, they have to pull out all the stops every single time … security scouting, renting facilities for his family and his entire team, flying his motorcade vehicles to and from, setting up the comms a president has to have. Then, there are all the times that Her Highness has decided she can’t deal with flying on the same plane as him, so she demands a separate flight … which we pay for.

As for golf … Dubya quit playing golf because we were at war and he didn’t feel right about bereaved family members seeing him on the links. The Left scorned this decision, because “big deal, who cares if he does or doesn’t play golf?” But now that Obama plays as often as possible … sometimes causing tremendous inconvenience to others* … the Left swoons about how great golf is for helping a president relax from the stresses of his big, important job.

*One of Obama’s games forced a couple to rearrange their wedding plans. Another forced military members to abandon their families on Christmas day. What can I conclude from this except that he is both a liar and a self-centered bastard?

2008: Candidate Obama says he would not take vacations [2:21]

The no vacay video is a small clip from the hour long interview with New York Times columnist Bob Herbert – “A Conversation with Barack Obama: Audacity of Hope” – http://ow.ly/dKNnB.


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