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Giving Dubya credit where credit is due

Nigerian activist and attorney, Emmanuel Ogebe, says it will be President George W. Bush who

“will really be remembered as the president who had the most impact on Africa of the last three presidents. I think there’s no doubt about it.”

“When President Bush visited Africa he launched an initiative – a presidential emergency program for AIDS relief, which was meant to help combat a major pandemic that was taking so many lives.”

“President Bush actually did something that was relevant to the crisis that was facing the continent at the time,” he said.

“It was sad for us to see President Obama go to Africa and for the second year running his primary objective was sexual imperialism, where he was calling on Africans to legalize gay marriage.”

“I had a lot of Africans say, ‘Well, when our presidents go to America we don’t say to you to legalize polygamy even though we have a lot of polygamy in Africa and we think it’s a great idea, but we don’t come to your country and tell you to do that.’”

Bush launched PEPFAR in 2004 with an initial goal of treating two million HIV-infected people in 15 hard-hit countries, 12 of them in Africa, and caring for 10 million infected people and AIDS orphans.

The program continued and was expanded under the Obama administration, but true to form, President Petty Pants and Co. have shown no interest in giving credit to anyone but themselves.

2014_09 25 Kerry takes credit for PEPFAR

From SecState Kerry’s speech to UNAIDs: “… back in the 1990s, back when Senator Bill Frist and I first began working together on this issue … thanks to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which grew out of our initial efforts in the Senate I am proud to say … last year, I was honored to stand with President Obama as he announced that PEPFAR had not only met but exceeded his goal.”


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Expletives deleted

In the CNN clip linked below, President Obama ignores the Marine’s salute as he hops aboard MH-1.  Then it appears as if he is refused entry, possibly by the pilot, at which point, he goes back out and faces the Marine on the ground.  But instead of properly saluting, he shakes the Marine’s hand.  May I just take a moment to say how much I loathe having this [expletives deleted] commanding my children!!!!!!!!!!!

MIL If Obama had a son


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Louder with Carly

2015_08 Dem vs GOP

It’s a sad, but true fact that the Left is all about identity politics. If they’re going to run Hillary … and I don’t see anyone else making a credible bid, despite all her issues … we MUST run a woman across from her. Fortunately, we have someone in Carly “Grow A Pair and Lead” Fiorina who, at this point, appears to be someone I can enthusiastically support. Watch this interview. Please!

Carly: Focusing on Hillary and Policy Issues [34:06]

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