Jake Tapper … yes.

2015_08 03 JT tells WH watch videos

Tapper Slams White House for Not Watching Planned Parenthood Videos [1:46]

Dear Mr. White House Spinmeister,

You are so damned concerned about the “political agenda” of the people who made the video. Well, back atcha, buddy. Democrats are falling all over themselves to defend Planned Parenthood, which funnels MILLIONS into Democrat campaign coffers. Meanwhile, yeah, Republicans are defending the unborn and the laws of this nation … which the videos prove Planned Parenthood flouts for profit.  I know who I’ll vote for.

Sincerely, Chrissy the Hyphenated

Planned Parenthood tweeted this GOP debate graphic. I suspect they mean it to deter people from supporting any GOP candidate. Bwahahaha!

GOP candidates defund PP

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  1. Yeah our GOP tigers are ON THE CASE!!! Of course, since all funding emanates from the House, and since we’ve controlled the House for several years, it’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma why, for some inexplicable reason, PP keeps getting the checks in the mail.

    These GOP show ponies should give up the ruse and join the circus (did I mix my animal metaphors …?)