Finally Free of the Clutches of the Aging, Leftist, Media Oligarchy, Fox-Moderated GOP Debates Expose Bright Light of Reality to a Weary Nation.

Still a little queasy from the rarified air of a debate refreshingly free of loaded Marxist moderator questions, I’ve recovered enough to make the following observations about the first-tier GOP debates:
1. Donald Trump is now recognized by everyone as the pompous buffoon that he is. And this should have been obvious already for months. Favorite stumble: When he bragged that he had bought favors from half the politicians on the stage, in defense of his previous suspicious contributions to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Though some of the debaters chimed in “NOT ME,” Chris Christie looked painfully silent, and sealed his identity (and Trump’s along with him) as the biggest crony insider on the stage.

2. It’s not really a secret now that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to be openly mocked by children on the dirt streets of remote Filipino villages for a century at least as the most historically inept and corrupt politicians in history, including Soviet-era commissars. I don’t see how this can be avoided now, even if they hire a whole army of Marie Harfs.

3. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson got a well-deserved boost in their prospects, and the rest didn’t come out too shabbily in a contest that was large on humor and mutual respect, except for a few flare-ups that centered mostly around the Buffoon. Honestly, if we can’t get a ticket in 2016 that features at least the angelic and brainy Ben Carson, then America doesn’t deserve any better than it has right now.

Of course, the climate retards at Wired were disappointed that there wasn’t more #science.

And Hillary was busy with important people. Good for her. I’m sure they will still love her when she’s humiliated and living in the Arkham Asylum or whatever dark hole that will take her in.

UPDATE: Doug Ross’s Scorecard is an outstanding review of the night.


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  1. Grunt, I came away with a few different conclusions from the debate:

    1) Of course Trump is a pompous buffoon, he makes no secret of it. But in Trump’s case that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. Voters (i.e., ME) are so tired of GOP accommodation politics that we’re looking for someone to burn the house down. We don’t want a scalpel, we want a wrecking ball. Which brings me to

    2) Ben Carson. He’s a humble cipher. He’s a decent man, which is a bad thing to be if (a) you want to be competitive in the most aggressive and expensive political race on the planet, and (b) you want to be a pile-driver with the animals in ISIS. Also given his positions on gun control and Islam, I’d vote for Dr. Carson for my favorite uncle.

    3) Mike Huckabee surprised me at the main debate. His responses were well-reasoned and nuanced and always directly addressed the question on the floor. Of course I’d never vote for the guy, but I thought he distinguished himself.

    4) The night’s biggest winner was Carly. I was unable to watch the prelim (apparently Dish no longer carries Fox?!?), but from the ‘Net buzz, and from her post-interview with Chris Matthews … holy cow! Her CA senatorial campaign was a non-starter, so who put honey in her oatmeal?!?

    Bonus) The guaranteed You Tube clip was Christie and Paul directly flinging poo at one another. Got pretty acrimonious.


    • Good points, Kelli. I know I disagree with many of y’all about Trump, but he dropped a notch among supporters last night, as measured by Frank’s focus group on Fox, and Krauthammer’s analysis. How far? Who knows? Breitbart totally disagrees with that. But I agree that his mere presence has been a huge benefit to the process of burning the house down a bit. My concern is that if you can’t trust DT to do anything that isn’t primarily good for DT – and he openly admitted that last night – then he isn’t any better than Barack. It’s just a different dude burning down the house.

      Totally right about Huckabee doing well, and I think that almost everyone else did well, too, except maybe for Christie and Jeb and (possibly) Rand. I personally wasn’t deterred by Rand’s dust-up with Christie, and disagree with Krauthammer that it made Rand look bad. I think we need more defense of the Bill of Rights now, and Rand is a welcome voice there.

      Carly is a great candidate, and I’m shocked that she didn’t make it to the first tier this time. Maybe she will move op. Having lived in California when she was in the public eye there, and being familiar with her views at that time, I’m still skeptical about whether she’s the real conservative we need. But at this point, she does impress.


  2. David Burge’s tweet in response to Trump calling Frank Luntz a “low class slob” after his focus group decides they hate Trump.


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    I can’t stand Chris Matthews. This is so beautiful!

    Aug 6, 2015: Carly Fiorina Runs Circles Around Chris Matthews


  4. Pistol Pete

    Apologies for no post today.My tech guy was fixing my machine by remote,while he was working.He ran every test known to mankind.took over five hours.Remember a couple days ago when I said it would be the higher rated debate evah?

    Rating Huge For GOP Debate: 24 Million Viewers, Most Watched Non-Sports Cable TV Show Ever
    Three times more viewers watched the Fox News debate than most popular previous primary debate
    More than 16 per cent of American televisions were tuned to the debate Thursday night
    The highest Republican primary debate for the last election only garnered 5 per cent of Americans



  5. Greetings, PoliNationals.

    This seems to be the default “open” thread, since Pete only phoned in a comment today, so I’ll leave this here.

    Pete, hung up by tech guy. Yeah, sure, Pete. Pete’s out there carousing and cavorting instead of doing due diligence on posting links for us people too lazy to go looking for the news ourselves.

    I just wanted to check in, is all.

    Tomorrow, we drive over to the church by the lake for the family farewell ceremony for my cousin who died last month. She was a few years older than I am. We were always close. I loved my funny cousin.

    She fought to overcome her gawky, awkward body and different mindedness, all her life. Our seeming shortcomings can be our spiritual gifts. She was a mother, a teacher, an artist, and a woman who enjoyed life. She loved Christ.

    She twice married scoundrels. Why God lets his purest souls get seduced by the demons I don’t know. Sometimes, it’s like this. Despite hard times, my cousin triumphed in faith.

    Her eldest of two daughters went through hard phases but ended up rock-solid, serving in Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. A bit… controlling. But rock-solid.

    The younger daughter replicated her mother’s genetic problems, adding some maybe from her goofy and sinister sire (long divorced and best forgotten). This younger daughter survived her own wars against physical and mental problems. Thanks mostly to the perseverance of her mother, but also the support of my cousin’s parents, the younger daughter, who folks thought would never be anything but “retarded” as we used to say, was mainstreamed, graduated, and turned out to be, among other things, a brilliant musician. Right now she is setting up to play drums for a (paying!) gig with my daughter’s musical trio at the Price Tower bar. Her older sister, the warrior, is in town from Oregon, to see them. It’s a poignant weekend.

    A fighter to the end, an artist who died too soon, with so many paintings and children’s stories I know she had in her heart and mind, yet to be told, but not in this life.

    It’s okay. Let this world go. You did good, cousin! Real good.

    Milady was her main support through the terrible six months of her decline. We at first expected her recovery. Although she spent weeks bouncing between nursing home and hospital, we expected her to return to her apartment. That wasn’t to be. We’ve spent the last month cleaning up after her life. I’m scanning and printing photos for the service tomorrow. (Milady on an errand run is getting more ink and photo paper.) Pictures of my cousin as a baby, in grade school, at the other end of her magnificent life. Brown-stained black-and-whites out of focus, sharp as a knife in spirit. Her father in WW2 uniform. Her mother’s ID from Lockheed in Dallas during the war. A family now gone but for her sister, but which family spirit lives on in the hearts of so many.

    Some emotions have no definition. Nostalgia, grief, joy, hope, all blended with feelings inillucidatable.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Mindful,you have my heartfelt sympathies.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Your cousin is now safe in Almighty God’s loving arms,but she will live on in your heart forever.