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Why do we need Planned Parenthood?

The fact is … we don’t. The TRUTH about why Democrats are such ardent supporters of Planned Parenthood is that the organization donates big bucks to Democrat campaign coffers.

Feb 27, 2014: Planned Parenthood will soon announce a campaign offensive that includes spending over $16 million in the upcoming midterm elections in 14 different states. This $16 million comes on top of the $2.4 million the organization already spent on Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s successful run for Virginia governor in 2013


It’s all about the money … NOT about health care, something women can get in many other places that, oopsie, do not donate to Democrats.

2015_07 Ben Carson truth boom

Jake Tapper interviews Dr. Ben Carson re: PP funding

BOO to Tapper for saying AGAIN that women can get mammograms at Planned Parenthood. It has been established over and over that PP does NOT provide mammograms!


2015_07 31 Tweet PP cradle to grave


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Can we talk about the CAMEL in the White House living room?

The Iranian regime under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has long called us “the Great Satan” and predicted the coming fall of the United States. But NOT TO WORRY cuz Obama’s Secretary of State, that paragon of American Patriotism, John Kerry, says he has no specific knowledge of their desire to destroy us.

2015_07 28 Kerry has no specific knowledge

In the video below, Kerry admits the money we’re giving to Iran as part of this nuclear deal “may” be used to kill Americans and Israelis. Then, he blathers on about sanctions. Those sanctions have succeeded in damaging the Iranian economy … but it has NOT stopped them from giving more than a billion dollars worth of aid to anti-American Islamic terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

Sec. John Kerry: Iran May Kill Americans [:30]

We’re borrowing hundreds of billions every year. WHY are we even considering giving money we clearly cannot afford to a nation that has ignored the basic needs of its own people to fund terrorism?

Democrat Party since Obama



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Minion chats with fireplug

Mama Buzz and I were chatting about the words the Minions say.  I swear I heard one of them say “kawaii” (kah-wah-ee), which is what our Japanese exchange student named our little pet frog. She said it means “cute.” They also say “kampai” when making a toast, which is “cheers” in Japanese.  Mama Buzz said she’s heard French and Spanish words and a friend who speaks Korean says he’s heard that language as well.

So, you know me … I googled.

There’s a surprising amount (even apps) about the Minion language. I learned, for example, that Minionese is not a fully worked out language like Klingon is. The guy who did their voices (Despicable Me director Pierre Coffin) says he pretty much made it up as he went along … but that it definitely has real words from a bunch of languages sprinkled throughout.

“I have my Indian or Chinese menu handy. I also know a little bit of Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, and Japanese. So I have all these sources of inspiration for their words,” he says. “I just pick one that doesn’t express something by the meaning but rather the melody of the words.”

In English, “minion” refers to a powerful person’s subservient dependent. But the French word “mignon” means “cute.” And the Despicable Me minions definitely get back to their “cute roots” in their appearance, behavior, and language. They have the big head, big eyed proportions of a human toddler, they talk at a higher pitch, and they use a lot of simple consonant-vowel syllables, especially with b and p sounds, which are among the first babies acquire.

In “The Subtle Genius of Minionese”, the author explains one phrase from the video linked below:

In this scene, where the minions are hitchhiking, one says “Me le due, spetta.” This is almost Italian for “I’ll do it, wait” (io lo faccio, spetta) but since it uses the “me” form instead of the “I” form, gives the sense of “Me do it,” which is how a toddler might say it. That “me” toddler sense also works for the Spanish (yo lo haces) and the French (je le fais). This babyish “feel” to the phrase, and the meaning of it, will be accessible to speakers of all those languages. What’s more, it will be accessible to English speakers too, because the “verb” has been changed to due, which sounds like “do it.”

Minions Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Despicable Me Prequel [2:32]

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Memories …

MATTRESS regrets

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Finally! A 3D map of Discworld!

In one of his intros, Terry Pratchett wrote, “There’s no map. Feel free to make your own.”  Aaaaaand … Mama Buzz delivers!  She’s even included the octarine seas. 🙂


From Wikipedia: “Discworld is a comic fantasy book series written by the English author Terry Pratchett (1948–2015), set on the fictional Discworld, a flat disc balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle, Great A’Tuin. The books frequently parody or take inspiration from J. R. R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft and William Shakespeare, as well as mythology, folklore and fairy tales, often using them for satirical parallels with current cultural, political and scientific issues. The series is popular, with more than 80 million books sold in 37 languages.”

There are also five movies I’ve seen … all of them excellent adaptations of the books: The Color of Magic, Wyrd Sisters, Soul Music, Going Postal, Hogfather.  If there are any I’ve missed, somebody tell me!


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Last week we commiserated (at least I did,anyway) about the comics we used to read and enjoy. All of the superheroes fought and ultimately defeated evil. Those were the halcyon days when actions had consequences.
I came across this and I was horrified. Superman is now a #copslivesdon’tmatter as he joins the homeys fighting the eeevil poe-leece.

Superman fights the police in new comic paralleling Ferguson riots
The latest issue of Action Comics finds Superman battling a foe on the streets of Metropolis, but this time he isn’t taking on his rival Lex Luthor. Instead, he’s battling the police, which has some people outraged.

“There’s some fans that are alienated, a portion of the older fans,” said Dimitrios Fragiskatos, the manager of Midtown Comics in New York City. “[But] younger fans seem to be embracing it.”

In the issue, Clark Kent’s secret identity has been revealed, he has been stripped of most of his powers and he’s ditched his tights. Instead, Kent wears just a T-shirt and jeans, along with tatters of his Superman cape over his fists.

The downtrodden hero returns to a town that is fearful of him. Although a group of his supporters decide to celebrate his return, the police department soon arrives to break up the party. One of his supporters gets unruly, the police get angry, and before long, a full blown riot breaks out. The comic ends with Superman punching a police officer in the face.
“[Some of] the earliest stories involve [Superman] fighting corrupt landlords and businesses and that was to give depression era people something [to relate to],” he said. “When you look back it’s not surprising that he became popular when there was no real world hero to look up to.”

Colligan, however, argued comic books should go back to the basics.

“Comic books are taking on social issues lately and maybe they should get back to taking on superheroes and making people laugh,” he said.


Archie Will Die Taking a Bullet for His Gay Best Friend

This photo provided by Archie Comics shows the cover of the comic book, Life with Archie #36

Archie Comics/AP
By Associated Press

They’ll make him gay soon enough.


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