Project much?

Occupy Democrat hates

I posted this at the Occupy Democrats site where this graphic appears:

In my experience, people tend to project on to others who they are themselves. Ms. Occupy, your comments say to me, “Here is someone who hates and who therefore assumes everyone she doesn’t like is also a hater.”

Such assumptions are the height of close-minded prejudice. I am a white, Catholic female, born in 1954, who was raised Democrat, but left the party when they began to tolerate abortion. My birth and extended family is multi-racial and multi-cultural.

Some of us are still liberal Democrats, while others have embraced Conservative principles. I am not a hater and neither are they. We do have different ideas about what policies are best for our country, but that’s the extent of our alleged “intolerance” for one another.

We get along nicely, because we do NOT assume the worst about one another. You might want to try it some time. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to live with so much hate and anger inside.


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3 responses to “Project much?

  1. Chrissy, “great minds” and all that … your comment ties in perfectly with the one I left below a couple hours ago. Haters gon’ hate.


  2. Sanders is Jewish? Huh. Never thought about it. 😀