HRC bemoans lack of diversity in GOP field

2016 Female candidates

Hillary’s got her head stuck in the false stereotype of the GOP being all old, white guys. It’s true that one party’s 2016 presidential field has diversity issues. But it isn’t the Republican field.

Ben Carson is black, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are Latino, and Bobby Jindal is Indian.

The Democrat field is not only all white, but also much older than the Republican field. Bernie Sanders is 73; Joe Biden is 72. Jim Webb is 69, Lincoln Chafee is 62 and Martin O’Malley is 52.

The oldest GOP candidate is Donald Trump at 69; Rick Perry is 65. Ben Carson is 63 and Jeb Bush is 62. Rand Paul, at 52, is the same age as the Democrat’s youngest candidate.  But the Republican field also includes Scott Walker, who is 47 and Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal who are all 44.

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