Brewing kombucha

My daughter and I are using the two-brew method.

The first brew is sweet tea in a gallon jug with a SCOBY and some starter tea from the previous batch.  The jug is covered with a cloth and rubber band, then left out at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.  When the tea has brewed to where it tastes like flat ginger ale, we take the SCOBY and some starter tea out of the jug for next time, then stir the liquid and decant it into bottles that have flavorings added.

The bottles get capped and left out for the second ferment, during which time the drinks develop fizz and extra flavor.  Once a day, the caps need to be loosened to pssht out some of the excess CO2.  When the brews in the bottles taste fabulous, they go into the fridge for consumption. We’re using empty GT’s bottles with new brew caps from Kombucha Kamp. The black brew caps work much MUCH better than the white ones that come on the GT’s bottles.

There are other ways to make kombucha, or “booch” as we call it here at Casa Hyphen. This is just the way we like to do it.  Tastes vary, but I find my first and second brews take pretty much the same amount of time.  It’s so hot now, I get the flavor I want in 3 days and 3 days. In mid-winter, it was 7 and 7.  In spring, it was 5 and 5.

And hey … aren’t these bottles pretty?! Mama Buzz was so pleased, she sent me pictures of her latest batch. 🙂

2015_08 01 L's pretty booch

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