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If you care more about Cecil …

… than you do about Planned Parenthood marketing baby parts, then you might be going to Hell.

2015_07 28 MEDIA FAIL Cecil vs PP

Just sayin’.



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Fiorina owns this interview on abortion

It is so refreshing to see a GOP candidate effectively managing the media.

July 21, 2015: Fiorina slams Hillary Clinton over ‘extreme’ positions on abortion

Fiorina's book

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Planned Parenthood President Tweets

2015_07 28 PP tweets claims black lives matter

ABORTION nyc and race

PP 40 percent of abortions

2015_07 28 Adam Baldwin tweets



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Trending on Twitter: #UnPlannedParenthood

This Pro-Life hashtag rules.  Go read some of the tweets.  It will make you smile. 🙂


ABORTION not empowering to women


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This is the regular post, but I wanted to take a minute to thank our friend Mindful for the comment he made yesterday. He said that for a time he was a comic book critic. That brought back memories of hopping on my J. C. Higgins bicycle and riding off to the nearby drug store. As you walked in the door the first thing you saw was the comic book rack. The high point of the month was when the newest comics came out. I’d take a dollar and buy 4 or 5  10-cent comics, a 10-cent bottle of Nehi strawberry soda and a bag of penny candy. Then it was off to find a shady spot to read, drink, and sink into a sugar-induced coma.

When I started school we had something called phonics, which was a method of learning to read by learning the sounds each letter made then sounding words out. I was a champion speller and was reading at 9th grade levels when I was 8 years old. About that age my interests ran toward books like these:
I also favored Woody Woodpecker and had a really bad crush on Betty from the Archie scribes.

Then I got into (what else) western comics (Granny always called them funny books).



Then I matured and started collecting Marvel comics.

For reasons I can’t justify, my favorite was Sgt. Fury and The Howling Commandos. I had the entire series from issue #1 to the last issue, all numnbered in sequence and boxed. After I went off to college, Granny took some of the hundreds of books I had and gave them to the local barber shop to be destroyed by rowdy juveniles and the rest she simply threw away. I really wsh she hadn’t. I got this scan off e-bay of issue #40,the seller is asking $140.00.

I bought comics as the price went from a dime to 12 cents, to 15 cents. When they reached 25 cents they became too expensive for me. Now they’re a couple dollars for 8 pages of artwork and 14 pages of advertising.

Still and all, it was great fun remembering when my biggest concern was what comics my friends would have to trade. That’s how we rolled back then.


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