John McCain: The pampered son and grandson of four-star Navy admirals

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Donald Trump may be a clown, but I am inclined to think he has a point about John McCain. McCain has campaigned on his “war hero” military record for his entire political career, but the facts about his time in the Navy suggest he has more in common with Ted Kennedy than he ever did with any genuine war hero.

When he was graduated from the Naval Academy in 1958, McCain’s class rank was 894 … out of 899. Five from the BOTTOM. In less than three years, he was written up more than two dozen times on charges of drunk-and-disorderly, fraternization, disobeying orders, and insubordination. Yet, somehow … let me think why … he was stationed at a Navy champagne unit and promoted ahead of all but two of his 898 other classmates.

During his training years, he managed to crash three U.S. Navy jets out of sheer incompetence. In today’s military, one such lapse would end a pilot’s career. Standards may have been a bit looser in the 1960s, but it beggars belief that McCain kept flying after THREE crashes for any reason other than family connections.

McCain claimed in his autobiography that the first crash was due to engine failure. But the Naval Aviation Safety Center found no evidence of engine failure. Their conclusion was that he had used “a power setting too low to maintain level flight in a turn.” In other words, the plane crashed because of pilot error. Yet they let him continue flying.

His second crash happened while he was clowning around, flew too low and took out some power lines, causing a blackout. Again, his own fault … yet he was not grounded. In fact, he was allowed to fly solo in a Navy training jet to see the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia; on the way home, he crashed for the third time.

Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to squadron commander of the air field named after his own grandfather!

In 1967, he was shot down during his 23rd mission over North Vietnam and spent the rest of the war as a POW. For his approximately 20 hours worth of missions over enemy territory, he was awarded 28 medals. Twenty-eight!

Methinks The Donald is right. John McCain is about as much of a military hero as Ted Kennedy was a champion of women.


John McCain

McCain’s mishaps in the cockpit – LA Times – Oct 6, 2008

“9/03/08 McCain has never really earned anything.”  If you google that phrase, you’ll see multiple hits for an article that was allegedly written in 2008 by an active, but unnamed Marine.


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2 responses to “John McCain: The pampered son and grandson of four-star Navy admirals

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    One of my blog-e listers replied to this with, ” cannot understand how Trump’s comments are justified in light of the fact that McCain suffered terribly while a prisoner of war and gave up an opportunity to return because it violated the code of honor. I think that going after McCain on his military history is like attacking Trump’s business success. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me.”

    I want to share my reply:

    Re: Trump … my feeling about his “campaign” is that he is deliberately acting like the Court Fool in order to keep the left-stream media’s poisonous attentions away from the serious contenders for the nomination. He has to be a very savvy guy to have been so successful in business, so I cannot believe he is behaving like this if he has the slightest intention of actually trying to be president.

    In 2008, the media manipulated the GOP primaries to make sure McCain got nominated, then they went from “Oh, John is such a good guy” to “crucify this old white guy who stands against our black messiah.” He ran a pathetic race and, to my mind the worst thing of all, he and his campaign people treated their greatest asset — Sarah Palin — like garbage.

    But then in 2012, Donald Trump appeared, doing this outrageous Court Fool act. He got a lot of people talking about Obama’s birth certificate and sealed records, while keeping some of the media’s poison off the serious candidates and allowing them the freedom to run “cleaner” races. Then he dropped out.

    I think he’s doing this again. He’s got the money and he likes the attention. Plus, he’s succeeded in everything he’s done in his life, so what’s left? To my way of thinking, this is somewhere between a fun hobby and a way to use his unique gifts — name, money, personality — to help our nation.

    Court Fools said outrageous stuff, often targeting the PTBs with real criticisms they needed to hear. It was their function … to say what all the Yes Men couldn’t. They were clowns, so the king or whoever was getting skewered could laugh, then hopefully ponder the truths later on.

    I think this is what Trump is doing now. I used to admire John McCain and his military record greatly, but I’ve looked into the criticisms that his fellow POWs have made that strongly suggest two things.

    One, he didn’t have a lot of choice about not taking that early release thing, not if he ever wanted to be welcomed home by his uber-Navy family and not if he ever wanted a career doing anything more esteemed than selling used cars. He HAD to stay. But he didn’t have to suffer. The North Vietnamese offered all the POWs the option to work with them in exchange for better conditions.

    Two, the POWs who were in McCain’s camp all knew each other, but they say they rarely saw him. He would come to the group area occasionally, supposedly after a long period in isolation. But they said his physical condition was way too good. They say the North Vietnamese called McCain “songbird” for all the info he gave them; the POWs believe that, when he was not with them, he was in a hotel and getting medical treatment, good food, and hookers.

    I discounted these stories when he was our candidate in 2008, because I knew then what we have seen come to pass … that Barack Obama would destroy our nation. I needed to believe in John McCain. Then.

    But, since then, I have become a more serious and savvy watcher of politics and media. I’ve realized that the “hands across the aisle” thing I used to believe in whole-heartedly is a Left-wing scam. EVERY time a real Republican does this, the Democrats chew his arm off. They call “bipartisan” anything THEY want, provided one or two Republicans vote for it, and they sneer at anything they don’t want even when it has a great deal of moderate Democrat support.

    Plus, they lie and slander without the least appearance of shame. As Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid flat out LIED from the Senate floor and the things he said, the stuff he accused Republicans of wanting and being, were just horrific. How does anyone with an ounce of honor do such a thing? And their media backs them up.

    I knew someone who had grown up in an actively political Democrat family. He was a huge HUGE supporter of Hillary Clinton and didn’t start examining the kool-aid until the Dems sabotaged Clinton’s 2008 campaign for the Black Messiah. He told me that it was SOP for Democrats to keep files of dirt on everyone in both parties. They used it to keep them in line.

    This was news to me. I’d never do such a thing, so it is hard for me to conceive of anyone else being so sleazy and disgusting. But he swore it was true, so I started watching. And I began to see serious evidence that the people really running the show — whoever they are (George Soros is a top one, I’m sure) — are lying, thieving, dirt bags.

    One of the big clues I got that this “dirt files” thing is true was General Petraeus. Martha worked in his command in Iraq and had the utmost admiration for him. When he started cooperating with Obama, I was appalled. But then, it seemed that Obama had demanded he go a bridge too far and he balked. Suddenly, Petraeus was out on his ear and the news of his marital infidelity was in the headlines.

    I know for a fact that Petraeus was a patriotic and brilliant military leader, but he clearly was also a flawed husband. I have no doubt the Dems knew about the affair and “suggested” he work with Obama or lose his reputation. I believe he thought he could keep doing good for our nation from within the new regime … until Obama demanded something that went against everything he had pledged to uphold and defend. Then he fell on his sword.

    Taking these ideas — that the Democrat PTBs keep a leash on the spines of everyone they have dirt on and that the MSM is complicit — I began to see a pattern. When Obama was running for president with a ridiculously sketchy past, the MSM was in Wasilla, Alaska, digging through Palin’s trash…. literally.

    They obsessed about how many minutes apart her contractions had been, while ignoring blatant evidence that Obama has no real birth certificate, his Social Security number belongs to someone else, he has used cocaine, and a host of other issues. They even helped cover up him lying about his smoking habit, while making some clothes Palin had never wanted into a huge campaign issue.

    Even after Obama won, the Leftists continued to harass Governor Palin with frivolous lawsuits that took up so much of her administration’s time that she resigned so the state could get back to doing the state’s business. Then, the Left called her a quitter.

    I think the pattern has become very clear. If the Left hates you, you’re going to be vilified or controlled. If those don’t work, watch your back, because I swear to God, they have no compunctions about murder. Remember Andrew Breitbart? Have you ever seen the list of people who couldn’t testify against the Clintons because they got dead? It’s PAGES long. One of the prosecutors said he’d only seen a pattern like that in mafia cases. I’ve heard all the SEAL Team 6 guys who were on the bin Laden raid are dead now too.

    Meanwhile, top Republicans like John McCain and John Boehner seem to be allowed to play to their base for as long as it suits the Democrats to allow it, but when a vote matters, they roll over and do as they’re told. This photo spoke to me loudly about Boehner. I think he believes in Republican principles, but isn’t willing to suffer what would happen to him if he didn’t bend over whenever Obama demands. But he hates him for it.


    Anyway, all of the above is why I have come to believe that the version of McCain as pampered Navy brat and traitor is likely true. It is much like Ted Kennedy, pampered political brat. Both of them were protected from criminal prosecution — for treason in McCain’s case and murder in Kennedy’s — and rewarded with money, prestige and power for playing the Democrat tune.

    Why is Trump yapping about McCain now? Because McCain is running AGAIN. We managed to elect majorities to both houses, but they’ve had much less success than we’d like because the Republicans with seniority (like Boehner and McCain) are corrupt. If McCain’s seat were to be taken by a newbie, it would allow the whole group in the Senate to move up one notch.

    Trump’s Court Fool act has given us all a reason to revisit and discuss McCain’s very problematic military record, something those of us on the Right were not willing to do in 2008. I respect our military and our cops too. But it is the deep honor I hold and the very sacredness and importance of their missions that makes me utterly DESPISE traitors to the uniforms.

    McCain has spent his entire political career resting on his alleged military hero laurels. If he never talked about it, maybe it would be inappropriate to target that part of his history. But he’s made it THE big issue that allegedly proves his patriotism and fitness for office. So what if it’s a fraud? Shouldn’t we at least ask the question and demand serious, factual answers?

    Not getting into an argument here … just raising the question.

    Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it!


    • Huh. I’d figured that Trump was “selling” something, but I wasn’t entirely sure what. In my cynicism (based, to be honest, on his own record and previous writings), I had assumed “himself”. . . This is certainly a more charitable interpretation of what he’s doing.

      I’ve no fondness for McCain, as I am inclined to believe the tales told of his behavior, but I am troubled at how easily a lot of conservatives are getting sucked into the Trump idea. If he’s doing what you say, then it’s working– even against conservatives. Everyone that I see supporting him is doing so for emotional reasons, ignoring his record and previous statements. Those against him are indignant that he’s not playing the game, or has insulted a war veteran. Only a few voices are bringing up his record. The rest are hystrionic toddlers.

      Now, if your hypothesis is correct, then Trumps record doesn’t matter and never has. He’s not actually running, he’s running interference, and that’s a completely different game. . .

      I’ll have to think on this.