The racism of low expectations

2015_07 16 Maher's soft racism

Hey, Bill.  If U wanna “express your racism”, why not scream, “Keep that darkie on the plantation”?  It means the same thing as, “How dare you criticize the black president!”



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  1. Besides “Hitler,” the two most over-used words on the Internet are “troll” and “racist,” and I don’t know what either of them mean.

    Is a troll someone who comments on a site deliberately to cause a ruckus, or someone who merely disagrees with the prevailing orthodoxy and would like to generate or participate in a dialogue? I’ve been piled on and cursed at from any number of sites; in fact, I can count on one hand the sites that tolerate free-flowing discussion outside of an extremely narrowly proscribed ideology. Most sites don’t even want a commenter to raise a question, being more comfortable with 500 comments in a row about how e.g. Obama’s a dick.

    Specifically, at Breitbart I wanted the source of a list of dubiously high welfare benefits by state — a dozen commenters accused me of some very nasty things (my seven mooching kids, communism, etc) and no one provided the source (turns out the list was bogus). At Raw Story I asked why everyone was attacking a Christian junior high girl who wanted a different track number than 666; I got banned from the site. At PJ Media I questioned Clarice Starling’s outrage at Oregon allowing SRS for fifteen-year-olds without parental knowledge, explaining the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care require a year of hormone therapy and living as the opposite gender … any parent would certainly notice this. And besides, no teenager has had SRS in Oregon, with or without parental consent, since gender reassignment surgeons are very rare. PJM went crazy — after seven merciless comments (“go f*** Caitlyn, homo!”) I stopped reading.

    And is a racist someone who thinks one race is superior in every way to another, or simply that the races are different, neither better nor worse? If the former, I’m clean; if the latter, I’m a racist. I immediately notice a difference in skin tone, hair texture, facial features. I know black chicks are hired for backup singers and white chicks are not. I notice the entire NFL backfield is of the Dark Continent. I know blacks get certain diseases, in certain proportions, that whites do not. I know blacks are often more strong and earthy, I know whites are often more proprietary and cerebral. Not all, just distributed statistically along differing Bell Curves. And with the exception of 20-year-old males at a G7 or Occupy Wall Street Soros-sponsored event, I know blacks riot and whites don’t.

    But none of this can have a moral component because intelligence, athleticism, short or tall, size 8 feet, all these are gifts from God, so how can we blame the individual for blessings or shortcomings? On the other hand, we’re nuts as a society not to treat blacks differently from whites since blacks are about ten times more likely to go ballistic on yo’ ass. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s a differing biological response to androgen sensitivity and testosterone production, linked to an intricate web of additional genetic markers (which the discoverer of the double-helix, James Watson, was drummed out of the scientific community for noticing).

    Almost no site could allow such a discussion, which is perhaps our Great American Tragedy. One can’t fix a problem until one can talk about it.


    • I don’t know if I’ll be back in California anytime soon, but someday, I’d like to do some serious drinking with you, Kelli. You may have been banned from more sites than I have, and I think you’re a better thinker. You’re certainly not boring. And you come up with genius regularly. It is indeed one of our great American tragedies that we can’t fix ANY of our problems because we’re not allowed to talk about them. What a fracked up country this has become. People can speak their mind more openly in Pakistan, probably. At least about many things.

      But your comment about sites not tolerating free-flowing dialog made me smile because it’s so true. And the ones you’re talking about are supposed to be conservative sites! Some are no better than Salon or Jezebel.


  2. Not exactly on-topic, but … close enough, blogmasters willing.

    I hadn’t uploaded a video since September… until this morning. I simply played around with the infamous Major Garrett confrontation with The Royal Pain:

    Rile the Snake at your own risk — His majesty is challenged by a rogue reporter, who is appropriately scolded and scorched.