The Left is at war with the Catholic Church – UPDATED

2015_07 14 Nuns lose HHS case

Here’s a little thought exercise for those who believe the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and is going to bring on the End Times … if this were true, wouldn’t the anti-God Leftists be pandering to her the way they do … oh, say … Iranians who want nukes to blow Israel off the map?

ADDED July 15:

In 1939, Michael Power described the 1938 takeover of Austria by the Nazis.

“All over Austria men and women have lost their jobs for professing openly their faith. … In one of the great Vienna hospitals where Catholic nursing sisters have worked for years, the entire staff was thrown out and their places taken over by National-Socialist ‘Brown Sisters.'”

Religion in the Reich by Michael Power (Oxford, England: Kemp Hall Press, 1939), as quoted in The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity, by Bruce Walker (Outskirts Press; 2008).



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6 responses to “The Left is at war with the Catholic Church – UPDATED

  1. Yes, if you undermine religion you somehow justify your own absurd, twisted views. Not new at all. (Gay marriage, anyone?)
    On Passover, when we split the middle matza in half, we hide the half that is bigger. There is a story that the third Lubavitcher Rebbe one year broke the matza into two nearly-even halves and started comparing. Then someone (his grandfather?) said, “If you have to compare, it’s not really bigger.”
    Good thing to remember every time someone tries doing such things.


  2. On the one hand, this is awful. And rotten.

    On the other. . . the USCCB was so gung-ho for Obamacare, all those bishops talking about how badly it was needed, or great it would be, “for the greater good” and all that rot. . . all predicated on the assumption that of course they would be exempt from the problematic parts. And when people said it would be a problem, those bishops accused those people of being uncharitable, politically driven, etc. ..

    So as terrible as this is for the Sisters and all religious orders, the Bishops have a lot of responsibility here. They had a huge role in bringing this upon everybody, and in helping to deceive a large part of the electorate.

    I have no hope that they will repent, much less publicly beg forgiveness from the Little Sisters, let alone the rest of their flock. (Honestly, my support of the hierarchy over all these days is nearly as low as when I was a flaming liberal.) Sackcloth and ashes would be a start, but it wouldn’t really fix anything.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      IKWYM. Our deacon wrote in the bulletin that opposition to Obamacare was based on “greed.” He based his support for the hell-spawned legislation, not on one smitch of Catholic teaching, but on this, “When my mother was dying, I was really grateful for Medicaid.” Oh. I wrote to my bishop and got a patronizing smirk for my troubles.

      I am hopeful that some Catholics are waking up to the evil underlying their generations long faith in the Democrat brand. I added a prayer for them to my daily list, as well as one for the hierarchy and all our spiritual leaders, clerical and lay, Catholic and non. I should’ve been doing this all along, so they’re not the only ones who need some sackcloth.


      • I have been told I couldn’t possibly be a Christian, because of my opposition to Obamacare in particular and leftist social welfare and income redistribution schemes in general — because how could any Christian possibly oppose anything so self-evidently wonderful and kind and generous? It’s depressing how many people who consider themselves Christians have been brainwashed into thinking that a) putting government in charge of charity is a good idea; b) that government does a good job at taking care of the poor; and c) that if government doesn’t do the job, it won’t get done. One Obama lover on FB told me (repeatedly) that I couldn’t possibly care about poor people, based on my lack of enthusiasm for Obama’s policies. Every calm, reasoned argument I gave on behalf of private, voluntary charity was met with more insults and accusations that I was greedy, selfish, and stupid, and that I hated poor people and wanted them all to die. Sigh…