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The nature of marriage remains unchanged and unchangeable

Life Site News reports that most Catholic bishops across the country followed the lead of Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), who responded to the high court’s ruling with assurances directed toward Catholic faithful.

“The nature of the human person and marriage remains unchanged and unchangeable.”

Cafeteria Catholicism and marriage

I searched my own diocesan website (Rochester, NY) and its newspaper’s Facebook page. I found nothing … NOT ONE WORD … about the SCOTUS decision or gay marriage. I am sickened by this.


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MEDIA FAIL: PP body parts trafficking story

Following the release of the explosive undercover video revealing Planned Parenthood callously sells fetal body parts to the highest bidder, Fox News Special Report aired a full report hosted by Bret Baier.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood receives millions in taxpayer moneys every year, ABC,CBS, CNN, and MSNBC ignored the story completely. NBC’s Today gave it all of 39 seconds.

LA Governor Bobby Jindal and U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader John Boehner have called for investigations of Planned Parenthood. Boehner also urged President Obama to “denounce, and stop, these gruesome practices.”

Yeah, THAT’s likely to happen. ::sarcsnort::





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Laugh … because the news is way too depressing!

DOG lament

BABY Bring me another Smurf

CROWS Attempted Murder

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The Left is at war with the Catholic Church – UPDATED

2015_07 14 Nuns lose HHS case

Here’s a little thought exercise for those who believe the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and is going to bring on the End Times … if this were true, wouldn’t the anti-God Leftists be pandering to her the way they do … oh, say … Iranians who want nukes to blow Israel off the map?

ADDED July 15:

In 1939, Michael Power described the 1938 takeover of Austria by the Nazis.

“All over Austria men and women have lost their jobs for professing openly their faith. … In one of the great Vienna hospitals where Catholic nursing sisters have worked for years, the entire staff was thrown out and their places taken over by National-Socialist ‘Brown Sisters.'”

Religion in the Reich by Michael Power (Oxford, England: Kemp Hall Press, 1939), as quoted in The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity, by Bruce Walker (Outskirts Press; 2008).



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Pluto’s Heart Formation Looks Strangely Like…a Cartoon Dog

And why not? Seriously, go over to Space.com at the link below, look at the high-resolution images and see if the heart formation doesn’t look a lot like the right-side profile of a cartoon dog’s face. Possibly Droopy or Snoopy or, yes, even Pluto.
Space.com – The first age of solar system exploration is in the books.

NASA’s New Horizons probe flew by Pluto this morning (July 14), capturing history’s first up-close looks at the far-flung world — if all went according to plan. (Mission team members won’t declare success until they hear from New Horizons tonight.) Closest approach came at 7:49 a.m. EDT (1149 GMT), when the spacecraft whizzed within 7,800 miles (12,500 kilometers) of Pluto’s frigid surface. To celebrate, NASA unveiled the latest photo of Pluto, showing a reddish world with a stunning heart-shaped feature on its face.

More than 1,200 scientists, NASA guests and dignitaries — including 200 reporters — watched the flyby live at New Horizons’ mission control center at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. They chanted a countdown to the closest approach, then cheered and waved American flags as the big moment occurred. Read more at Space.com.

For other more imaginative interpretations, see XKCD’s preliminary map of Pluto.


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