Obamacrats: Dismembering the 1st Amendment

They told us just a couple of weeks ago that we had to change our religious beliefs.  That’s part one of the First Amendment. 

Then they made a huge issue about how Confederate flags are hate speech.  That’s part two.

First Amendment

Now Obama is blathering about how we need to change the way the media reports. And by media, he means Fox News. 

2015_07 Obama rips Fox News

The above appeared on my Facebook Timeline. Below there was more of the same.  This is part three.

2015_07 Other get Fox News stories

Up next … why we need to change the way we are permitted to assemble.


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4 responses to “Obamacrats: Dismembering the 1st Amendment

  1. Oh my. We’re going to have to change the way we keep electing douchebag Communist a**holes to lead us.


  2. Simple test you can do with a liberal buddy: Let them pick any day part of Fox, watch any random ten minutes together and then discuss the inaccuracies. Next, the conservative gets to pick any random ten minutes of MSNBC and similarly find the lies.

    Hon, it’s not even close; in fact I can’t watch MSNBC any more because my head explodes with the audacity of their relentless propaganda and duplicity (and my low-level Dish service doesn’t allow Fox … hmm, MSNBC but not Fox, couldn’t be media bias, could it?)

    I did a similar thing a couple years back with my lone liberal buddy who claimed Glenn Beck was all lies and drama. I used to save Beck daily onto my hard drive, and had about 50 episodes I’d not seen. I asked her to pick any random episode and we watched a few minutes; she quickly realized she was just spewing the talking points and nothing in the program was either hysterical or fraudulent. As it wasn’t my intent to humiliate her, we quietly moved on.

    Did she change her position? Naw, they never do, facts don’t matter.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Some do change. One of my regular readers was a “Fox is full of lies” libtard who was forced to live with her conservative in laws for a while. She said when they had Fox on, she’d HURRY through the room so she wouldn’t sully her ears. But one day she stopped and listened. And listened some more. She’s now a vocal member of the Tea Party.