1938: The Nazis had changed the way the media reported

Yesterday, I wrote about how Obama is blathering that we need to change the way the media reports. And by media, he means Fox News … and anyone else who isn’t “reporting” the Obamacrat’s Brave New World Talking Points. That’s what Hitler did.

2015_07 Obama rips Fox News - Hitler 1938

This morning, I read this from “The War Against God”, written in 1938 by Sidney Dark and R.S. Essex:

“The publication of church news has been much curtailed by legislation, which enacts that all editors must be members of the National Press Association, which requires that its member shall be ready to answer accusations against ‘political reliability.If their explanation is not considered satisfactory, they are expelled from the Association and this means that they can carry on their work no longer. Church papers, parish magazines and other church literature have been brought to a complete standstill. There was an attempt soon after these regulations were introduced to institute a news service by means of duplicating machines, but as soon as this scheme was made known, the duplicators were confiscated.”

As quoted in “The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity” by Bruce Walker [1008].

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