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Solving Ariana Grande’s Problem

Ariana Grande's problem solved


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How much is a dead baby’s body worth?

Ask Planned Parenthood. They’ve got it all figured out. AND they train their abortionists to tear unborn babies limb from limb in such a way as to not damage the sale-able bits and pieces. It’s kinda like KFC, but without the crunchy coating. Oh. And it’s illegal as hell.

2015_07 14 Unborn baby body parts

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts [8:51]

Planned Parenthood’s response to the release of this video is that it’s “heavily edited” and isn’t talking about “selling body parts” (which is illegal), but about arranging for those oh-so-caring mothers who are paying them to rip their unborn babies to pieces DONATING the body parts … for the good of science, y’all.

Except, the entire video is available. And it’s very clear from the conversation that this is about illegal trafficking in aborted baby parts, including Planned Parenthood’s organized strategy to cover it up.

UNEDITED FOOTAGE Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts [2:42:22]

I am not holding my breath waiting on the Obamacrats and their tame media to investigate or report on this latest abortion atrocity. They turned a blind eye to Gosnell. They’ll turn a blind eye to this too.



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1938: The Nazis had changed the way the media reported

Yesterday, I wrote about how Obama is blathering that we need to change the way the media reports. And by media, he means Fox News … and anyone else who isn’t “reporting” the Obamacrat’s Brave New World Talking Points. That’s what Hitler did.

2015_07 Obama rips Fox News - Hitler 1938

This morning, I read this from “The War Against God”, written in 1938 by Sidney Dark and R.S. Essex:

“The publication of church news has been much curtailed by legislation, which enacts that all editors must be members of the National Press Association, which requires that its member shall be ready to answer accusations against ‘political reliability.If their explanation is not considered satisfactory, they are expelled from the Association and this means that they can carry on their work no longer. Church papers, parish magazines and other church literature have been brought to a complete standstill. There was an attempt soon after these regulations were introduced to institute a news service by means of duplicating machines, but as soon as this scheme was made known, the duplicators were confiscated.”

As quoted in “The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity” by Bruce Walker [1008].

Previous blog @ https://polination.wordpress.com/2015/07/14/obamacrats-dismembering-the-1st-amendment/

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Can I order a radiation suit on the internet?

July 12, 2015: As Iran’s leaders issue threatening statements against the U.S. and Israel, Obama’s Secretary of State continues to offer concession after concession on the nuclear deal.

2015_07 13 Obama's negotiating strategy with Iran by Terrell

October 21, 1994: After we made a nuclear deal with North Korea, President Bill Clinton assured us it would prevent this hostile-to-us nation from obtaining nuclear weapons.

Bill Clinton on Virtues of North Korean Nuclear Deal [:56]

In 2006, 2009 and again in 2013, North Korea conducted successful test of nuclear weapons. Analysts believe NoKo has enough weapons-grade plutonium for at least six bombs.

Jesus take me away


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Obamacrats: Dismembering the 1st Amendment

They told us just a couple of weeks ago that we had to change our religious beliefs.  That’s part one of the First Amendment. 

Then they made a huge issue about how Confederate flags are hate speech.  That’s part two.

First Amendment

Now Obama is blathering about how we need to change the way the media reports. And by media, he means Fox News. 

2015_07 Obama rips Fox News

The above appeared on my Facebook Timeline. Below there was more of the same.  This is part three.

2015_07 Other get Fox News stories

Up next … why we need to change the way we are permitted to assemble.


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