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Animated agitprop: Indoctrinating our children

MOVIE Escape from Planet Earth

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Clinton Corruption: Arms Deals

HILLARY approved arms deals

During Obama’s first term, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved HUGE arms deals to multiple countries, some of which the State Department had formally criticized for their atrocious human rights records.

These deals represented increases of 143 percent to almost 200 percent over what the Bush State Department had awarded the same countries during Bush’s second term.

Before getting these sweetheart deals, these same foreign nations and the American defense contractors selling the weapons had all made HUGE donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or personally paid Bill Clinton exorbitant amounts to make a speech.

Keep in mind that under Obama, our government has been spending $1 Trillion per year more than it takes in.  At SecState Clinton’s direction, millions of this money we borrowed at interest from foreign nations went to purchase weapons from companies that had greased the Clinton’s Palms then were given to corrupt dictators who had greased the Clinton’s Palms.

Hillary and Typhoid Mary


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Normal people do not sue vendors for not wanting our business

We just go somewhere else.  I have had a number of vendors very rudely decline my business, usually because my budget was too small.  But when I was looking for Natural Family Planning classes, the receptionist at one of the OB/GYN offices actually snarled, “We don’t DO THAT KIND OF THING HERE”, before slamming the phone down.  Each time, I just kept calling around and always managed to find someone who did want my business.

Gay baker


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Balancing organic value with organic cost

We prefer organic, but sometimes the cost is so much higher, one is left wondering if it’s worth it. I found this list ranking the pesticide residue found on produce. The organization that made the list power washed everything, then tested it for pesticide residue. I decided it would be much more useful in the hot little hand of the grocery shopper, so made up this printable shopping list. After printing, I’ll cut them in half, put them on the fridge and use the blank parts for writing what we need.

Organic produce shopper list


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The New York Times is lying about A Time for Truth

2015_07 11 Ted Cruz Time for Truth



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