More Guns = Less Crime

In 1998, John Lott published a detailed statistical analysis of the impact of gun control laws on crime.

More Guns Less Crime

These data show that the United States, which has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world, ranks among the lowest in deliberate homicides.

Gun Ownership v Homicides GLOBAL

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2 responses to “More Guns = Less Crime

  1. I dunno … Breitbart has gone a little wonky lately (I miss Andrew…), I think they’re as skewed now as the NYT (obviously in the other direction). According to Wikipedia the US is about 13th or so in gun-related deaths, and first among developed nations,

    Of course, what one must not discuss is that if we eliminate four cities ,,, I think it was Atlanta, Oakland, Chicago and one more? … we’re pretty much at the bottom, i.e. the blacks are shootin’ up the joint.

    So white people are responsible gun owners. The rest y’all just cray-cray.