Irony 101

Left vs Right Takei vs Thomas

Takei: ta-KAY



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4 responses to “Irony 101

  1. I see this meme all over the Internet, but you can’t really compare the 1942 Democratic Party and the 1863 Republican Party to the twin pillars of Communism we see in Congress today. Everything about both parties has been completely overturned, and being evil or righteous a hundred years ago in no way informs either party’s contemporary political platform.

    Takei votes Dem because they sanction sodomy. Republicans don’t.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Valid points … for informed people. This meme is aimed at the low info sheeple to chip away at their stupidity with a weensy bit of accurate history. If you asked them what party freed slaves and what party interned Japanese-Americans, they’d get it backwards. If my graphic makes even one of them THINK, it’s done its job.