Catholic Vote has a new video up that has drawn a lot of negative attention from Left-wingers.

2015_07 02 CV video on Left media

But, praise God, all of this attention has only served to send more people to watch it!  The ad is currently being watched by nearly 500 new people every minute and 64% of the viewers are under the age of 35!

Not Alone

Even more amazing … people on both sides of the issue are calling out the hypocrisy of the #LoveWins movement.  The top comment on PerezHilton from “QueerEye” reads:

“I think you have seriously missed the point of this….the point is that people are being disrespected for their beliefs, they are being accused of bigotry for standing by their beliefs, they are coming out and saying that while they support gay people, they don’t believe what you believe…Shame on you for trying to make something out of this that it isn’t.”

Did you ever think that something a Catholic website did would provoke readers of Hollywood gossip sites to demand respect for religious freedom?

Email from Catholic Vote


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2 responses to “CatholicVoteWins!

  1. I see what they’re trying to do with this video, and I both appreciate and respect it. It’s an especially good technique to “misdirect” in the first 60 seconds and imply this is about homophobia, when in fact it’s the exact opposite.

    But I have a l’il problem, because I’m just tendentious I suppose. Here again we’re playing defense to a liberal narrative that we hate gay people. I guess it’s important to participate in the national discussion about this issue, but I’m not sure why. They’ll still 99.99% propagandize the issue, Perez Hilton notwithstanding. Let them call us homophobes … DRINK! And we’re racist … DRINK!!

    Who the flock cares what they think about anything? They’re COMMUNISTS, fer gawd sake. Nobody’s minds can be changed anymore, six years under a community organizer has calcified everybody’s position.

    Personally, seeing MY White House lit with the colors of Official Gaydom™ so Jughead could do his Happy Dance gloat made me want to hit something.

    Meeting their hate with our love has only gotten us further marginalized. To pull a quote from “The Rose,” “… wake me when the shootin’ starts.”


    • chrissythehyphenated

      This video is not aimed at the ~19% of Americans who are Communists. It is aimed at the sheeple whose consciences are continually being misinformed by the Left’s agitprop.

      The success of this video and the “shame on you” comment demonstrate that these people believe in things like fairness and respond positively to instruction from our side.

      As for how to “meet their hate” … in most cases, Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek and be compassionate. But He also turned over tables and chased money changers with a whip.
      When to do which requires discernment which must be honed with daily prayer and study.