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Barack Hussein Obrolly

2015_07 01 Umbrella closes on BHO's head
Bush Jet Pilot vs Obama Umbrella Fool

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Say what?

2009 Hillary asks if she can go to Cabinet mtg



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What’s your super power?

DOG military K-9

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Leo the Lion and its brightest star

God, Leo the Lion and Regulus



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Apparently I offended some people yesterday by unwittingly posting a graphic about the Pope’s armed security. The graphic has been removed along with today’s entire post. My apologies. It will not be repeated. it’s just not worth it. It wasn’t that good anyway.


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MOVIE: Old Fashioned

MOVIE Old Fashioned

D and I both really enjoyed this. I thought you might want to keep it in mind for a date night. It’s clean, supports Christian values, and has a really sweet ending. It’s an odd little flick … it seems as if it moves very slowly, but D and I both kept remarking how it wasn’t even a little bit boring. The camera work is also unusual and intriguing.

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