Wickedness vs. The Common Good

“At the end of time, evil shall increase. Many shall be refined, purified, and tested, but the wicked shall prove wicked.” -Daniel 12: 1,4,10

Democrats booed God

From Conservative Hammer: “The vitriol here on FB has been stunning… Many of my Christian friends have been verbally attacked with such violence and disdain, it absolutely took my breath away… I wanted to stay out of the fight, but was watching rainbow flags appear on almost every page I opened, and was bombarded by images I would have preferred NOT to see… It makes my blood boil to think that just a week ago, these SAME people were demanding the removal of the Confederate flag from every nook and cranny… So, I am hugely OFFENDED by the rainbow flag now, because it represents hate and disdain against those who do not agree with the SCOTUS decision.” –Irene H

2003 Ratzinger on homosexual unions

Here’s a story that, in light of recent events, should be very familiar to us:

1. Church gets planted in San Francisco
2. Church hires musician to do the church music
3. Subsequently, it comes to light that said musician is a practicing homosexual
4. Musician is informed by the church that his lifestyle is not in accord with church doctrine
5. Musician tells church that he is not going to change
6. Musician is dismissed by church
7. Church gets sued for violation of local “gay rights” ordinance.

This might have happened just last week, but the series of events I’m referring to took place in 1978, nearly 40 years ago.

Read more @ http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=357558


Vatican statement on homosexual unions @ http://www.vatican.va/roman_curia/congregations/cfaith/documents/rc_con_cfaith_doc_20030731_homosexual-unions_en.html

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