The Left won, but it wasn’t about love. Those people are filled with hate even after they’ve gotten what they wanted. One of them actually spit on Fox News’ Father Jonathan Morris during a gay pride event Sunday night. Father Jonathan responded with this:

2015_06 28 Father Jonathan tweets

Our own Grunt weighed in on the Left’s hate-filled response to WINNING.

“Bitter, vile, evil people. Somebody should remind them that when conservatives were soundly defeated in 2008, we reacted with graciousness and optimism and cautious praise for Obama’s potential.” -The Grunt of Monte Cristo


added by PP:
Apparently the #lovewins queers hold more than the faithful in contempt
#LoveWins Crowd Not So Lovable: Verbally Abuse Iraq Vet For Being Amputee, ‘Killing Children, Raping Women’


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  1. ^^ Also a good tweet, but that’s not Fr. John . . . <.<