Patrick MacNee (93), RIP

By some weird coincidence, we finally got around to buying Kingsman: The Secret Service last night on BlueRay and watched it. We’re always a little behind when it comes to movies. The film mainly has been compared to the James Bond franchise, even though the story has comic book roots. There is even a Bond reference or two in the dialog. But I couldn’t help thinking immediately that it had the flavor of the old British Avenger TV series with Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg. The character played by Colin Firth, Harry Hart (Code Name: Galahad), reproduces the same dashing, fit and lethal character that MacNee created with John Steed.
And now it appears that just this morning Patrick MacNee has passed away at the respectable age of 93 at his home in California. Always admired and well liked in Hollywood, either in front of the camera or behind it or producing, he will be missed. He also has been a naturalized American citizen for the last 33 years. Sleep well and peacefully, Mr. MacNee.

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Lovely tribute, Grunt. Thank you.