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Five Sleazy Things We Can Conclude About the Secret ObamaTrade Deal

Most conservatives support free trade in general, like Ronald Reagan did. In his article he wrote today for Breitbart, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), reaffirmed his support for it, as well. But a great deal of mystery surrounds the back-room negotiations between the White House and Congress on the so-called Trade Promotion Authority (TPA, or “fast-track”) bills and amendments. President Obama, himself, has given the public no information at all about the initiative except to assure us that he has our best interests in mind and that he “spend[s] most of [his] time focused on … the Economy.” So we can trust him. Perhaps that’s what he’s thinking about all day, every day, out on the golf course.

I can tell you what I trust. I trust that when Sen. Ted Cruz writes an article that criticizes his own Republican leadership in order to express his reservations about the initiative, in a way that will cause him to suffer punishment, then we can probably believe some of what he has to say. So, from him and other Congressmen, we can conclude some fairly bombproof statements about TPA:

1. It’s not secret because of China. It’s secret because YOU can’t handle the truth. Though it’s been hinted that the whole thing must be negotiated behind closed doors to keep it from our trading partners, this is a bit like saying that we need to whisper around the children so that God doesn’t hear. China is more sophisticated and cut-throat in their trade strategy than we could ever hope to be, and they already know what Obama is planning before the NSA does. And they don’t hide it, or expect us to pretend, either.

2. It changes our immigration laws. As Cruz complained: “Despite the administration’s public assurances that it was not negotiating on immigration,” it turned out otherwise.
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Have you ever seen a dead animal lying on the side of the road or perhaps in a ditch? Did you notice the maggots and the flies who feed off the destruction? As crude as this analogy is I believe it is one of the basic principles that the democrat party operates on. When I first heard of the Charleston massacre by one twisted, mentally unbalanced white man murdering nine black worshippers, my first thought was that the left would shamelessly exploit this tragedy for as much political demagoguery as possible. The reason is simple. Massive numbers of their voting base are from generations raised on government welfare, people content with whatever they get as long as they don’t have to work for it. They are inherently unmotivated and must be whipped into a fever of anger and envy to get them to go out and vote, many multiple times.

This is why the left’s money man, George Soros, paid the agitators in Ferguson and Baltimore to keep the chaos going. After making his fortune by betraying fellow Poles to the Nazis he now makes billions betting against the US dollar. If the races stopped screaming at each other long enough to have a conversation, maybe some of them would realize the left and their sycophants in the media portray white people in general and conservatives in particular as the bogeyman who are keeping the Negro race down.

To their everlasting credit, the people of Charleston have come together and sent Rev. Tarbaby and the rest of the hustlers packing. Undaunted,Hillary! will continue her Panderella routine at a church in Flourissant, Mo., not far from Ferguson. One of the secrets to their success (besides cheating and breaking every law known to man) is that they never stop attacking.

If it’s bad for America it’s good for the democrats. I suspect it’s been that way for a long time.



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