Climate Fools

I just saw on Twitchy that Vice President Joe Biden has announced that climate skeptics “also deny gravity” and Bill Nye the Science Guy is blaming Hurricane Bill and Alaska wildfires on man-made climate change.

FASCISM Save the Planet

Frankly, I resent the first one; why the heck does that whole “respect” thing only apply to our side? I mean, if I have to call Bruce Jenner “Caitlyn” and refer to him as “she”, then why can’t they be honest about what we actually DENY?

As for the second …

Bang Head Here

After I finished stress relieving, I found a few interesting climate factoids for all y’all.

  • 535–536: The most severe short-term period of global cooling in the last 2,000 years caused crop failures and famines worldwide.
  • 1091: Climate historians estimate the tornado that hit London was a T8 (out of 11), with wind speeds ranging from 213 to 240 mph. It demolished churches, houses and the London Bridge. Four rafters 26 feet long were driven into the ground with such force that only 4 feet protruded above the surface.
  • 1287: One of the most destructive floods in recorded history killed tens of thousands in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • 1816: During the Year Without a Summer, average global temperatures were one degree Fahrenheit below normal.



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