BREAKING: Chicago Woman with Huge Ass Lands in Milan To Teach Them About Healthy Living

And to wipe out their lobster supply. Sounds Legit. Glad we’re paying for it.
Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.


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4 responses to “BREAKING: Chicago Woman with Huge Ass Lands in Milan To Teach Them About Healthy Living

  1. The Obamas hate the Clintons, that’s no secret. And vice versa, Everybody knows these hits on Hillary, like the stalker calls in a horror movie, are coming from inside the (white) house via ValJar.

    And we all hear the occasional tinfoil rumors about Barack wishing to extend his reign of terror but being unable to run for a third term.

    Meanwhile, Michelle is giving commencement addresses and visiting allies on an almost daily basis. Her media visibility, already high, seems to be increasing.

    Is it completely implausible that weak candidate Hillary would win the nomination only to meet with some unfortunate “accident,” and Michelle would be ready and willing to step into the race by popular Democratic acclaim, energizing the party and providing the opportunity for George Soros to complete his destruction of America?

    I see wheels inside wheels here, and view Michelle’s international diplomacy tour as a possible hint of a large and nefarious picture.


    • I don’t think it’s any secret that Michelle has aspirations. It’s plausible. Clearly Hillary has obtained her promised slot, but I don’t think the Obama’s would be too unhappy if some “act of God” made it impossible for her to take her coveted throne.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    What a load of ………………. grrr. My dd lived in northern Italy for a while and she said they eat much healthier than we do!