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Hijacked USS Gabrielle Giffords Located, On Blocks, In New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Flagler1j Click on photo to embiggen.
Gruntington Post – Only months ago, the newly-christened littoral warship USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS-10) was the pride of the US Navy. Launched in honor of Congresswoman Giffords from Arizona (below), she was the first completely gun-free warship in the inventory. As reported at the Duffel Blog, the Giffords was immediately stolen in an armed raid by unknown forces believed to be associated with a patriot terrorist group in the southeastern U.S.
That mystery was cleared up yesterday when the USS Giffords was located by local police in the downtown district of New Smyrna Beach on the Atlantic coast of Florida. The ship was found on the street, supported by cinder blocks, stripped of its valuable electronics and fittings and covered in graffiti.

The Navy faces one more roadblock in repatriating the Giffords to its home port. The town of NSB has insisted that the derelict ship is being used in preparations for their Reggae and Island Music Festival planned for this weekend. This wouldn’t be a problem if the ship were still at sea, but it lies – high and dry – within the town limits, and Volusia County acknowledges the squatters rights of the various Reggae musicians and street people who have taken up temporary residence on board the vessel as they practice and set up for the festival. A pre-dawn raid by Navy SEALs was foiled this morning when local officials appealed to the White House, which immediately issued “stand down” orders to the team. It is now believed that the Navy stands the best chance of recovering the vessel on Tuesday of next week when the crowds, and the pot smoke, finally disperse.

Hat tip for Duffel Blog article to the Bluebird of Bitterness.


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On teaching your kids to believe

Chesterton on fairy tales

Svellerella writes,

I’m the parent who’s informed her children that Santa Claus is St. Nicholas, a Catholic Bishop who secretly gave to the poor. That St. Nicholas no longer lives on earth, but in heaven, with the Triune God, and that he prays with us and for us to Jesus. That the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and not a fat, unaffiliated man in red sneaking into our house with his flying reindeer to bestow either gifts or lumps of coal depending on if my children are “naughty or nice”.

I’m a harsh B, I know’t.

I particularly wanted to raise my children this way because little girl Carolyn was not only devastated when she learned that Santa Claus was a farce, she later experienced a period of extreme doubt in the existence of God. Santa was a Lie. The Tooth Fairy was a lie. So how on earth was I supposed to think that God isn’t just the same as Santa Claus? That we “have to be good because God is watching us”? Ffft.

But the reason I’m writing isn’t to discuss whether its good or bad to let my children believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny. To me it’s one of those parenting choices that each parent makes out of love and good intentions and I’m not about to argue with that, ever. The above reasons are ours, and I’m learning that parenting has a funny way of making me eat my words so bad.

But there’s the issue of fairy tales. Of course our boys read fairy tales. But if we’re teaching them the truth about Santa, how are we supposed to approach fairy tales? Where’s the line to be drawn when letting our children grow in their wonder over fictional, magical characters? Is there a line to be drawn?

Read the rest of this EXCELLENT BLOG @ http://www.svellerella.com/on-fairy-tales-and-letting-my-children-believe/.

And when you’re done, scroll down for my two cents in the comments.


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BREAKING: Chicago Woman with Huge Ass Lands in Milan To Teach Them About Healthy Living

And to wipe out their lobster supply. Sounds Legit. Glad we’re paying for it.
Hat tip: Weasel Zippers.


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You have to hand it to Rachel Dolezal… she sucks up as much oxygen as Cankles does and may be even a more pathological liar, if not as dangerous. It seems every day brings another batch of unsubstantiated claims. You could fill an entire post with this nonsense, but I’m getting bored with it already.



TrumpWhiteHouse 1 2







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Climate Fools

I just saw on Twitchy that Vice President Joe Biden has announced that climate skeptics “also deny gravity” and Bill Nye the Science Guy is blaming Hurricane Bill and Alaska wildfires on man-made climate change.

FASCISM Save the Planet

Frankly, I resent the first one; why the heck does that whole “respect” thing only apply to our side? I mean, if I have to call Bruce Jenner “Caitlyn” and refer to him as “she”, then why can’t they be honest about what we actually DENY?

As for the second …

Bang Head Here

After I finished stress relieving, I found a few interesting climate factoids for all y’all.

  • 535–536: The most severe short-term period of global cooling in the last 2,000 years caused crop failures and famines worldwide.
  • 1091: Climate historians estimate the tornado that hit London was a T8 (out of 11), with wind speeds ranging from 213 to 240 mph. It demolished churches, houses and the London Bridge. Four rafters 26 feet long were driven into the ground with such force that only 4 feet protruded above the surface.
  • 1287: One of the most destructive floods in recorded history killed tens of thousands in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • 1816: During the Year Without a Summer, average global temperatures were one degree Fahrenheit below normal.



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The Pope and Climate Change

2015_06 09 Sistine AGW by Terrell

On Thursday, Pope Francis will release an encyclical called Laudatio Si (Praised Be).

A Breitbart article claims that the political Left is hoping Pope Francis will make it a religious obligation for Catholics to support the Left’s climate legislation. I’m inclined to think the author is correct about the Left’s hope; however, the Left is (as usual) wrong about the nature of the Pope’s authority on this issue.

The Church has teaching authority only in relation to Faith and Morals.

  • Global warming is a scientific issue.
  • Climate legislation is a political issue.

Pope Francis has a right, perhaps even a pastoral responsibility, to express his thoughts on the subject.  But as I see it, the only way he would have authority to teach on the morality of climate legislation would be if ALL FOUR of the following things were true:

A) IF global warming was definitely happening,
B) IF global warming were definitely going to be harmful to humanity;
C) IF there was something we could do to slow or stop it;
D) IF the “something we could do” were not a greater evil than the climate change itself.

My personal opinions are:

A) Our climate is warming. We’ve been in a Little Ice Age for a long time, so this would be a normal part of the centuries-long pattern.
B) Global warming will be beneficial to humanity. The Medieval Warm Period was significantly warmer than now and it was a time when food production and human welfare was high.
C) The warming is almost entirely natural; whatever we may contribute by fossil fuel use is miniscule.
D) The benefits of responsible use of fossil fuels far outweigh the drawbacks. By responsible use, I mean not dumping poisons into our air and water. Carbon dioxide and other natural greenhouse gasses are not poisons.

Carson Holloway at Catholic Vote writes, “I am not, by the way, saying that the pope has no business speaking about global warming (as some Republican politicians have said recently). If the pope really thinks global warming is happening and is being caused by human beings, and if he really thinks it can be stopped, then he might have an obligation to issue a warning and a call to action. But this call would not be an act of teaching authority, it seems to me, but a kind of grave pastoral and political advice. Every Catholic would be bound to listen respectfully to this, but would not, I think, be bound to agree with it.”

Brian Burch at Catholic Vote writes, “Perhaps most likely to be missed by the media and agenda-driven pundits is the key to Francis’ understanding of the environment. Because man is made in the image of God, we are called to be co-creators. Human persons and creation are not opposed to each other. Francis has called us ‘to be attentive to every person, to counter the culture of waste and disposable [mentality], to promote a culture of solidarity’.”

Burch then quotes Professor Robert George:  “Please receive the forthcoming papal encyclical in a spirit of willingness to listen and to be taught by the Holy Father. Do not approach it by simply looking for what one agrees with or disagrees with on matters of climate science or anything else.

“The gift of the papal magisterium to us, the faithful, is just that: a gift–a charism. We are to receive it as such. We can, and no doubt each of us will, appreciate the fact that different teachings or aspects of the teaching contained in the document will be proposed at different levels of authority. That is virtually always true of teaching instruments of this sort.

“But there will be plenty of time to sort all that out. It should NOT be our first priority. Our first priority should be to open ourselves to learning what is to be learned from the Holy Father’s reflections on the physical and moral ecology in the context of the Church’s witness to, and proclamation of, the Gospel. We are about to hear the voice of Peter. Our first and most important task is to listen attentively and with open-hearted willingness to be taught.”

Well said.  In short, faithful Catholics should read the encyclical and pray about its meaning, but nobody should presume to spin it in support of a particular political agenda.



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