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When you take your car to your mechanic to have the noise your engine is making checked out and he calls you back in a few hours and the first words you hear are: ‘are you sitting down?’, your life will probably suck for a few minutes.

During my regular Thursday morning breakfast with the merry band of malcontents I call my family yesterday, Barry’s genius plan to take some of his welfare-sucking, white-hating, drug-addicted murderers and thieves and sprinkle them generously in the midst of the more affluent neighborhoods where people who actually (gasp) WORKED for what they have live. My Uncle Bob brought it up. I think I’m turning him into a conservative.

In the early 1960’s our city had plans to buy the 400+ acres of land old Dutch Sarver, a neighbor who raised corn and soybeans owned, which was right across the road from our farm and build a bunch of low income apartments. Our alderman, who was a member of the school board, a trustee of our church and the developer of a subdivision with a man-made lake he built about a mile away came around and got petitions signed to stop the sale. Nearly everybody in that part of the county signed it and they chose to put the apartments on the south side of the city.

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune about some rapper (don’t know his name, don’t care) who made a bunch of money selling the garbage that passes for music nowadays and bought a house in a gated community. After he moved in to his new mansion he threw parties every night until dawn, giant speakers blared their disgusting Ubangi chants, and his homeys urinated and defecated on the neighbors’ well-manicured lawns and smashed windows and broke into cars. When the police came they all scattered and laughed afterward.

I’m posting a link about Obozo’s latest act of revenge on the very people who thought he was going to heal the rift between the races.




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