Pathetic lapdogs

2015_06 11 Hillary read from Bible

My favorite tweet:

“So, Christianity is evil and worthy of ridicule until the Hildabeast uses it to prop up her Presidential ambitions, at which point it’s swoon-worthy?”




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2 responses to “Pathetic lapdogs

  1. Every day Polination’s featured stories regale us with examples of Democratic amorality, serial transgression as far as the eye can see.

    All Democrats are atheists, even those who may profess otherwise like Hillary and Barack. This isn’t just my opinion — they voted to take God out of their party platform at their convention, and to make sure they fulfilled the metaphorical prophesy they did this three times “before the cock crowed.”

    Those in the pagan section keep reminding us that faith in God is unnecessary to lead a moral life. For example, Obama’s infamous definition of sin is being out of alignment with his values (lower-case “h”).

    But we see, day after despondent day, that a soul without God is a soul adrift on a sea of subjective integrity. Thus just today more Clinton corruption, Obama’s duplicitous Middle East ISIS revisionism, NYT prejudicial attack-dog journalism, Hillary’s divide-and-conquer strategy for America’s future, a push for universal voter registration aka universal voter fraud, and on and on …

    Generally speaking, Republican leaders are idiots but they’re not flagrant and gleeful sinners. No Christian, no person of any faith in a Higher Power, can in good conscience vote for today’s Democrat without willfully abetting and extending their reign of immorality.


  2. Did Hillary read the Bible with a fake southern accent?

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