Whey cool!

Kefir whey is a super food which contains a lot of healing properties. In fact, Hippocrates and Galen, two founding fathers of medicine, frequently recommended whey to their patients to heal them. This whey was often referred to as “liquid gold.”

  • The curds (or the cheese) portion of kefir contains most of the fat, casein and vitamin A.
  • The whey is rich in potassium that can help balance and remove toxins and excess fluids in the body.
  • They both contain probiotics. Heat above 150 degrees F will destroy the probiotics.

Kefir cheese and whey

If you make kefir cheese and have lots of whey, you can add this to drinks and salad dressings and anything that calls for water. The gardens love it!

Kefir preserves milk and keeps it safe.  It will last as much as 9 months in the fridge.  The cold slows fermenting greatly, but it doesn’t stop it, so a long stay in the fridge will net you some very sour kefir.

Sally De Losa says, “The whey is amazing as a stain remover! I used to soak things in milk to remove blood, chocolate, berry stains, etc., but they go really smelly as it takes a day or so; I’ve found that the whey doesn’t get smelly and it does removes all those stains with just by a few hours soak and then into the wash! We have a septic system, so the added bonus is that it doesn’t upset our septic like chemical stain removers do.”



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  1. A paper coffee filter also works for straining kefir. I put the filter inside a small colander, which I set inside a one-quart measuring cup. The whey drips into the measuring cup and the cheese collects in the filter in the colander.