Clearly, the Left is TERRIFIED of Marco Rubio

The giant dollops of mockery we heaped on The New York Times for its goofy and embarrassing traffic ticket story didn’t make a dent. The ink had barely dried on that one when they pushed out another one about Marco Rubio’s “troubling” financial history.

2015_06 09 NYT goes after Rubio boat

Wow, yeah. We really need to have “recurring doubts” about letting a man like THAT sit in the Oval Office. I mean, sheesh. He hasn’t even got a bogus charity foundation to handle illegal slush funds or nothing! What kind of politician is he?!

2015_04 Foreign countries donated millions to Clintons

Plus, let’s NOT go electing some elitist type who owns a “high-end SUV” or a “luxury speedboat” the rest of us can’t afford!

NYT boats and trucks

Do you smell the fear … and the hypocrisy?

Clinton houses

Kerry's yacht

Tweeters informed us of other notable events in the #RubioSpendingSpree:

  • Marco Rubio sprung for the undercoating AND extended warranty.
  • Marco Rubio once paid extra for overnight delivery.
  • Marco Rubio lets his kids eat name brand cereals.
  • Marco Rubio put a twenty into the Santa bucket and didn’t ask for change.


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8 responses to “Clearly, the Left is TERRIFIED of Marco Rubio

  1. late, tired, on cell, or I’d provide link… search YouTube for Rubio Vice.


  2. Noah Rothman at COMMENTARY Magazine wrote, “The Rubios should send reporters in the New York Times newsroom a thank you card. That is, if they can afford the expense. The “newspaper of record” has done the senator’s campaign a great service.”

    In other words, and to rephrase the old chestnut, with enemies like this who needs friends? The NYT bias is well-known, and we need to ask if these Rubio stories changed a single vote pro or con. My feeling is that it’s just meaningless chatter in the ideological echo chamber of the Left, a perfunctory way to put ink on Page One that allows back-slapping in the NYT editorial boardrooms.

    In other words, Part Two: big whoop.


  3. Like

  4. Rocky

    Sure Kerry’s got a multi-million dollar yacht, but it’s powered by clean renewable wind energy, whereas Rubio’s fishing boat uses evil fossil fuel. I swear, it’s just one water-related scandal after another with him. Can he truly be trusted with the Ship of State?