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Clearly, the Left is TERRIFIED of Marco Rubio

The giant dollops of mockery we heaped on The New York Times for its goofy and embarrassing traffic ticket story didn’t make a dent. The ink had barely dried on that one when they pushed out another one about Marco Rubio’s “troubling” financial history.

2015_06 09 NYT goes after Rubio boat

Wow, yeah. We really need to have “recurring doubts” about letting a man like THAT sit in the Oval Office. I mean, sheesh. He hasn’t even got a bogus charity foundation to handle illegal slush funds or nothing! What kind of politician is he?!

2015_04 Foreign countries donated millions to Clintons

Plus, let’s NOT go electing some elitist type who owns a “high-end SUV” or a “luxury speedboat” the rest of us can’t afford!

NYT boats and trucks

Do you smell the fear … and the hypocrisy?

Clinton houses

Kerry's yacht

Tweeters informed us of other notable events in the #RubioSpendingSpree:

  • Marco Rubio sprung for the undercoating AND extended warranty.
  • Marco Rubio once paid extra for overnight delivery.
  • Marco Rubio lets his kids eat name brand cereals.
  • Marco Rubio put a twenty into the Santa bucket and didn’t ask for change.


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Terrifying times

Krauthammer and end times

Jenner vs Tebow


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Over the weekend this website recorded some of the highest hit counts we’ve had in a while. Perhaps they were redirected from another site,or maybe they were checking out Chrissy’s in-depth posts. Maybe they were #blacklvesmatter scum looking for reasons to get pissed off. No,scratch that. They’re all in McKinney, Texas throwing rocks at the cops and demanding all white people be killed. Either way,there are likely one or more government agencies monitoring our little garden. I’ll be waiting for the knock at my door. F*ck the media. F*ck liberals. F*ck Obama.











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Another of Obama’s “First Since Carter” accomplishment

On June 6, a former Senior Advisor to President Obama tweeted:

2015_06 06 OBAMA triple crown

I pointed out that Obama is also the first President since Carter to have a United States Ambassador murdered on his watch.

My friend itooktheredpill showed me another of Obama’s “First Since Carter” accomplishments … the longest, lowest employment rate!

OBAMA longest stretch of sub 60 employment since Carter

For the record, I don’t think Obama can take the tiniest smidgen of credit for American Pharoah’s accomplishment, but I think he has had a whole lot to do with “building” those other two.


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GOOD NEWS !! Abortions down !!

Since 2010, the number of abortions has declined in the majority of states reporting, including those like New York that maintain unrestricted access.

2015 Abortions down in 48 states


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