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Sunday Night War of the Sexes

I think this is how the fight started. For some reason, Gruntessa thought this graphic was absolutely hilarious.

And I retaliated with this photo which is perfectly accurate.
Which led to some back and forth…
funny-pictures-amazons copy
Super1 copy
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Using Mark Twain, huh? That’s serious. I better quit while I’m ahead… or at least not dead.


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If only it were funny

I was going to call this blog, “Send in the clowns”, but like the song says, “They’re already here.”

2015_06 06 OBAMA triple crown
Obama is also the first President since Carter to have a United States Ambassador murdered on his watch.

(Until recently, Dan Pfeiffer was Senior Advisor to President Obama.)


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Climate Alarmists Lie AGAIN

Yeah, I know. What else is new?

2015_05 16 Obama tweet 97 percent

2015_06 No warming for 18 years

I own Monkton’s DVD “Apocalypse NO! Why global warming is not a crisis” and have watched it several times. I HIGHLY recommend it.


The Myth of the Climate Change ‘97%’ By Joseph Bast And Roy Spencer – May 26, 2014


Scientists say united on global warming, at odds with public view By Alister Doyle – May 15, 2015

Climate change: Mr. Obama, 97 percent of experts is a bogus number By Richard Tol – May 28, 2015

El Niño strengthens: the Pause lengthens: Global temperature update: no warming for 18 years 6 months
By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley – June 3, 2015

Christopher Monckton


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The real stories are the ones they DON’T print

LIBERAL Rubio traffic tix vs Sharpton's back taxes

Mrs. Rubio’s traffic violations are news that’s fit to print, but the self-proclaimed newspaper of record has taken scanty interest in the peregrinations of former president Bill Clinton aboard an airplane nicknamed The Lolita Express, bearing him to a destination with an even worse nickname — “Pedophile Island” — in the company of Jeffrey Epstein, today a convicted sex offender.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/419428/when-biases-collide-kevin-d-williamson

2014_11 19 Terry Bean arrested

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They’re not all THAT impressed with “Caitlyn”

If they were, they would not have photoshopped the images so aggressively.

Think about it. The whole Courageous Caitlyn meme is that Bruce Jenner finally made the outside of his body look like the image he says he has always had of himself on the inside.

Shouldn’t Jenner’s ACTUAL APPEARANCE be what the Left is celebrating?

Cuz it’s so NOT. The snap on the left is the real deal. It was taken after Jenner’s big car and boat trailer slammed into a small car, killing the driver. Jenner’s responsibility is still being investigated.

Bruce and Caitlin


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