She’s as empty as a kettle

2012_09 11 Hillary gets dead ambassador's name wrong

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in her book that when she heard that Ambassador Chris Stevens had been murdered in Benghazi, her heart immediately went out to the family. 

The emails we’ve FINALLY gotten to see show a very different version of this “heart” Hillary claims to have.

Her first and foremost concern was for when the State Dept would break the news.

Plus, she got Ambassador Stevens’ last name wrong.

HILLARY no heart



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4 responses to “She’s as empty as a kettle

  1. Ting

    Surely, surely, she will not be elected POTUS. Please, no.


  2. If this woman still possessed a gram of her soul, she’d not be campaigning, but would be spending a quiet retirement somewhere remote. That she’s running a shoddy campaign at this point tells me what I need to know about her.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Me also. I think she gave away her hand when she snarled, “It’s my TURN.” She and Bill are so ugly about not getting their way … I’m thinking whoever put the Zero into office when it was her TURN in 2008 shut her up with SecState and a promise for the next go around.