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The plan was to do a long diatribe about how a handful of liberal pukes rendered our precious founding document worthless in the course of one day last weekend. But then I read what Chrissy posted about Mother Teresa’s advice to only worry about what we can control. Face it. It’s over. The rights we’ve enjoyed for the last few hundred years are being relegated to whatever a small bunch of people who are unelected and unaccountable to anyone say they are.

Normally I spend hours perusing dozens of websites and bookmarking links to add here. Now I can only sit here for so long, so it’ll be post a few, come back and post a few more. After all,Rome wasn’t built in a day,right?











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God’s Word is the ONLY way to make sense of this

The Left has an apparent hypocrisy that shows up as total consistency once you align each issue with God’s Word.

2015_06 Rainbow WH and ISIS tossing gays off bldgs

  • God loves marriage and family; therefore the Left seeks to destroy them.

Today is the day Obama hoped to settle on a nuclear deal with Tehran.  Last week, 18 leading foreign policy experts – including five former top Obama administration officials – publicly criticized the Obama administration for giving away too much to Tehran.  On Sunday, reports emerged that Obama had caved in to Tehran’s demand that there be NO INSPECTIONS of sensitive Iranian nuclear sites.

  • God loves Israel and the Jewish people; therefore, the Left panders to those who seek their destruction.

The New York Times showed off another version of the Left’s evil agenda by publishing an offensive portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely of condoms.

Last January, the NYT sniffily refused to publish any of the Hebdo cartoons of Muhammed, explaining that “under Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities.

  • God loves the Catholic Church; therefore, the Left assaults it in every way possible.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for any of my fellow Extremist Catholics to use deadly force against newspaper employees, the artist who made the offensive portrait, or the employees of the museum that now owns it.

Extremists - Muslim v Catholic


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Hypocrisy? THIS is Hypocrisy!

Or maybe just cowardice coupled with an absurdly low level of self-awareness. Nope. It’s hypocrisy.

New York Times Runs ‘Condom Pope’ Image After Refusing to Publish Muhammed Cartoons

SooperMexican – If you look up”hypocrisy” in the dictionary, you might find this example of a ridiculous double standard by the New York Times. In January the venerable and crotchety old gray lady declined to publish the cartoons of Muhammed after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and cited their policy to not offend religious sensibilities:

“Under Times standards, we do not normally publish images or other material deliberately intended to offend religious sensibilities. After careful consideration, Times editors decided that describing the cartoons in question would give readers sufficient information to understand today’s story.”

Right. Sure. And yet just a few short months later, they’re publishing a picture that is offensive to Catholic sensibilities:

Here’s the pic (sorry for the offense, Catholics):
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Obama Relays Secret Message to Iran Ahead of Deadline; Powers Caves Completely on Nuke Inspections

Screen shot 2012-02-03 at 16.38.29
Israeli National News – US President Barack Obama recently sent a private message to the Iranian leadership via Iraq’s prime minister, as pressure mounts for the sides to reach a deal over Tehran’s nuclear program by June 30.

With just one day to go before the deadline, Iran’s Hamshahri daily claims that “one of the leaders of a neighboring country” took the message from Obama to officials in Tehran, according to AFP.

The paper went on to suggest that the leader in question was Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, who met Obama at the G7 summit in Germany on June 8, and visited Tehran just over a week later, where he met Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hasan Rouhani.
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The Left won, but it wasn’t about love. Those people are filled with hate even after they’ve gotten what they wanted. One of them actually spit on Fox News’ Father Jonathan Morris during a gay pride event Sunday night. Father Jonathan responded with this:

2015_06 28 Father Jonathan tweets

Our own Grunt weighed in on the Left’s hate-filled response to WINNING.

“Bitter, vile, evil people. Somebody should remind them that when conservatives were soundly defeated in 2008, we reacted with graciousness and optimism and cautious praise for Obama’s potential.” -The Grunt of Monte Cristo


added by PP:
Apparently the #lovewins queers hold more than the faithful in contempt
#LoveWins Crowd Not So Lovable: Verbally Abuse Iraq Vet For Being Amputee, ‘Killing Children, Raping Women’

Pardon the interruption


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Wickedness vs. The Common Good

“At the end of time, evil shall increase. Many shall be refined, purified, and tested, but the wicked shall prove wicked.” -Daniel 12: 1,4,10

Democrats booed God

From Conservative Hammer: “The vitriol here on FB has been stunning… Many of my Christian friends have been verbally attacked with such violence and disdain, it absolutely took my breath away… I wanted to stay out of the fight, but was watching rainbow flags appear on almost every page I opened, and was bombarded by images I would have preferred NOT to see… It makes my blood boil to think that just a week ago, these SAME people were demanding the removal of the Confederate flag from every nook and cranny… So, I am hugely OFFENDED by the rainbow flag now, because it represents hate and disdain against those who do not agree with the SCOTUS decision.” –Irene H

2003 Ratzinger on homosexual unions

Here’s a story that, in light of recent events, should be very familiar to us:

1. Church gets planted in San Francisco
2. Church hires musician to do the church music
3. Subsequently, it comes to light that said musician is a practicing homosexual
4. Musician is informed by the church that his lifestyle is not in accord with church doctrine
5. Musician tells church that he is not going to change
6. Musician is dismissed by church
7. Church gets sued for violation of local “gay rights” ordinance.

This might have happened just last week, but the series of events I’m referring to took place in 1978, nearly 40 years ago.

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Vatican statement on homosexual unions @

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TW3 in Buzz Land

2015_06 24 Bad air from fires

2015_06 28 After 2 days of rain

Thanks so much to those who prayed for rain!


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Elon Musk’s 44th Birthday Not Going So Well

The man who made his fortune by founding PayPal and once said that he knew as much about rocket science as any engineer who worked for him, is facing fairly flat Champagne tonight at the celebration of his 44th birthday. His SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded shortly after launch today, destroying over 5000 pounds of critical supplies needed by the International Space Station crews, including US astronaut Scott Kelly, who arrived recently. NASA was particularly hoping that this resupply trip would be successful, since the last SpaceX flight was also a failure, and a Russian resupply rocket failed months before that. The space station crew now faces a shortage of supplies by, roughly, October.

The following is an image captured from the NASA telescope video at about two and a half seconds into the flight, at the moment when an explosive plume of gas erupted from the vehicle’s upper stage.
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Bishop of Lexington on SCOTUS marriage ruling

2015_06 28 Bishop of Lexington on SCOTUS marriage ruling


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The end is coming

2015_05 Gessen on abolition of marriage

For years same-sex marriage advocates have knowingly lied and deceived the public. They first claimed that they simply wanted the right to ‘marry’ the person they love. And yet where same-sex marriage has been approved, a tiny percentage of gay people got married.

They claimed homosexuality was genetic, but now say ‘gender’ and ‘sexual identity’ is a choice.

They claimed the mantle of tolerance and diversity — and yet have betrayed those same principles in attacking anyone that disagrees. Speak up for marriage in any public place today and you will be shamed and shunned, or worse.

So what is really at stake?

For many in the LGBT movement, the marriage debate is merely a proxy for a much larger revolution underway. Their end goal is to destroy marriage altogether, including the family, religion, and any institution that proposes limits on human behavior, especially sexual behavior.

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