Political Party Control in D.C.

I just updated my graphics file showing which party had dominance during which sessions of Congress.

114th congress - party control

My Facebook album of History of Political Party Control graphics:

It’s a handy shortcut for arguing facts with Leftists who like to give Clinton credit for Republican accomplishments and blame Bush for Democrat atrocities.  Laws have to be passed by THREE bodies — the House, the Senate, and the President.  Whichever party dominates TWO (or three) of these is responsible for policy and its consequences.

1995-2015 Employment correlated by Political Party control


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3 responses to “Political Party Control in D.C.

  1. barnslayer

    Gotta hand it to the GOP for taking advantage of their majority. Good to see them throw their weight around. (sarc)
    Their duplicity will certainly inspire conservative voters in the future.
    (more sarc)


    • chrissythehyphenated

      What I see are specific GOP leaders with a lot of seniority who appear to have Democrat leashes fused to their spines. My guess is the Dems have blackmail files on them all. Any GOPer they hate and who does NOT roll over is, IMHO almost certainly squeaky clean.

      I feel a tad touchy about this “blame the GOP” thing, because my hubby is very active in the local party and he’s no Dem shill or coward.


      • barnslayer

        I know Ted Cruz is no Dem shill either. (Can we clone him and get a real GOP Congress?) But you can’t deny the spineless characters pretending to be on our side as they stab us in the back with each vote. I can’t believe all these RINOs have such skeletons in their closet that someone could blackmail then into subservience. If it were so… how is it that none of it gets leaked from time to time and, how is it that all those clean living democrats don’t suffer a similar paralysis of fear?

        I share your husband’s frustration. I live on Long Island (liberal NY) and often wonder if a local republican party even exists here. Their candidates typically act just like democrats. Look to see how many of them supported cuomo’s unConstitutional NYSafe treachery.

        Push comes to shove I will vote for any republican over any democrat but I resent the RNC telling me to get happy over the prospects of Mitt, Rubio, Jeb or any other moderate and send them money.