RINO Alert: Dent, Dolt, Hanna

2015_05 RINOs in the House



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5 responses to “RINO Alert: Dent, Dolt, Hanna

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I am SO glad I got re-districted. Hanna used to be my rep. Ack.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      I’m suspicious the Dems have a leash on these guys. These were close votes. IMHO, those who hold the leashes on RINOs allow them to vote with their constituency when the vote isn’t close, but demand they vote with the Dems when it is up for grabs.

      I decided to advertise these three in particular after I noticed them on BOTH lists AND discovered how hard it is to even FIND the roll call vote results!

      The abortion roll call was published by Life News, but that military one I had to poke around the internet for almost ten minutes, because it was a vote on an amendment to a bill that had a LOT of amendment votes. Plus, there was no clear title to the vote.

      It was just a numbered vote buried in amongst a bunch of others, so I had to figure out the numbers and then find a site that published the names. Even then, I had to find the GOP traitors by hand. The site didn’t give me an option to sort the list.

      Since the military appropriations bill will not contain this “enlist illegals” clause, these traitors can easily tell their constituents they did not vote to enlist illegals. Fingers crossed, it would be true. Except when the AMENDMENT was up, they DID vote for it. And it would be hard to disprove so far after the fact.


  2. barnslayer

    Any and every pro-abortionist… especially the late-term and partial-birth advocates should be forced (along with their family unit) to watch these procedures up close and personal.