RIP Political Satire

I mentioned to my husband this week that I felt sorry for the political satirists, because the Obama Era has made reality so absurd, there was nowhere left for them to go. As evidence, I offer this from today’s news …

2015_05 10 Satire about Cruz

A satire site did a fake news story about how Ted Cruz told a wounded veteran he should sell cookies to raise money for his care. David Nelson News, Occupy Democrats and a host of dimwitted Leftist tweeters passed it on as a true tale.

One IJ Review commenter noted, “As usual the low information liberals can’t tell a real story from the truth, it is no wonder they continue to fall for the lies of hillary and obama.”

  • To his credit, when corrected, Nelson deleted his tweet and apologized.
  • Occupy still has it posted as of this writing (7 a.m. on May 12).

One Occupy commenter noted, “Cruz is the worst P O S that has ever came out of the Republican Turd pipe !….EVER !…”

I added my two cents, “This ‘news’ story was taken from a SATIRE site. It’s no wonder our nation is in such a mess when voters can’t be bothered to separate jokes from truth. “I can see Russia from my house!” was also a joke, made by Tina Fey on SNL. How many of you were so eager to believe that Sarah Palin is a moron that you couldn’t care less that she never said it? The fact is you CAN see a small island belonging to Russia from a small island belonging to Alaska.”



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2 responses to “RIP Political Satire

  1. What A Hoot

    Went to both articles you link looking for your comment to “like” if a “like” button but no comments can I find. 😦


    • chrissythehyphenated

      It’s the occupy site. The comments are way at the bottom. They loaded for me at 7:30 am 5/13. I used the “Reverse chronological order” button to see the recently posted comments. It was nice to see that most of them were pointing out that Cruz never said this.