Carly Fiorina answers questions

2015_05 11 Fiorina answers questions

Liberal journalist Katie Couric said, “During your tenure at HP, the stock fell by more than 50 percent, which is a bigger drop than companies like IBM and Dell. And you were fired after five and a half years as CEO.”  Then she complained, “You’ve had some unkind words for Hillary Clinton. You said that she was not trustworthy and she hasn’t accomplished very much. I think people might think, ‘Well, she was the senator from New York and she was the Secretary of State.’ How can you really make those claims?”

Fiorina replied, “Well, you see, Katie, in the world I come from, a title is just a title. I mean, you went through a whole bunch of things about me as CEO. You weren’t impressed with my title. Why are we so impressed with political titles? Senator is a title. Secretary of State is a title. It’s a completely legitimate question to say, ‘What has anyone accomplished with their title?’ And the truth is, there are many in the political class who haven’t accomplished a whole lot, despite their titles.”

At the South Carolina Freedom Summit on Saturday, Fiorina didn’t shy away from her record as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, touting herself as having played a key role in keeping HP afloat through the dot-com bust, before directly addressing her messy exit from the company.

“I was fired in a boardroom brawl,” Fiorina told the crowd. “One of the things I know is that leaders challenge the status quo. And there are people who fight to preserve the status quo and those who fight to preserve the status quo become the enemies of those who fight to change the system.” With that, she’d turned her firing into an applause line.


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