It’s Official: Not Even Barack’s Family Knows The Identity of His Real Father

But even the Kenyan Obamas think it’s most likely Frank Marshall Davis.
Malik Obama, pictured above, son of Barack H. Obama, Sr. and our President’s claimed half-brother has now gone on record, along with his family in Kenya, in disputing that the President of the United States has any blood relation whatsoever with the Obama family. They have completely disowned him.

Malik has been quoted by as saying that the family believes the President’s real father is most likely his mentor, “step-father” and known Communist Frank Marshall Davis: “Obama resembles his step father, Frank, in many ways and is just a liar and mean like him. It is possible his mother messed around to give birth to him because his definitely not the son of my father, Barrack Obama senior—they have nothing in common.”
This theory has been expressed by many for years, but this is the first time it’s been openly acknowledged by the President’s claimed family in Kenya. There are other significant questions about the President’s birth narrative. Some have pointed out the profound resemblance between Barack Obama and the founder of an Indonesian muslim cult to which Ann Dunham belonged. Other’s in Britain’s MI6 spy agency have claimed there is DNA evidence suggesting that the President is not even related genetically to the woman who raised him – Ann Dunham. The following video includes some of those allegations.

All of this begs the question of whether we really know much of anything about Barack Obama, the man sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the White House, right now. My own theory is that Grace Jones was both Barack’s mother and father. That makes about as much sense as anything in his narrative, and Ms. Jones is more wholesome than anyone else associated with Barack’s early years. Perhaps that will be the official narrative by the time the Obama Presidential Library opens for business in Chicago.


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3 responses to “It’s Official: Not Even Barack’s Family Knows The Identity of His Real Father

  1. I consider this to be the single most provocative and potentially incendiary item in this guy’s entire mendacious life. And here’s how crazy I am: I need to remind myself that Obama was even “of woman born” by checking to see if he has a bellybutton, since all bets are off with the Antichrist.

    • The kids aren’t his, as any DNA test could prove in an instant (can we get him on “Maury?”). And I doubt they’re Michelle’s.
    • Michelle is probably not a tranny but is XXY (size 13 feet! Really?!?), and thus sterile.
    • Barack Obama was certainly not his father; Stanley Ann Dunham was probably not his mother. And who the hell is Harrison J. Bounel and why does Obama have his SS#?

    Those are just the first few questions in the murkiest past since Carlos the Jackal. I’ve always thought, and still believe, the only way such an evil leader with no verifiable past could literally spring up outta nowhere to become the Leader of the Free World was if he is the Antichrist, or at the very least is being aided and abetted by dark and demonic forces,

    And it’s not like God’s not sort of hitting us over the head with it, since we’re now living in an “Obama nation.” I mean, c’mon!!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Absolutely aided and abetted so definitely an anti-Christ … but I just can’t see any man who is as LAZY as he is being the true Anti-Christ.

      I’m leaning toward the theory that the Anti-Christ will be an Imam; the violent Muslims are awaiting a “messiah” who will unite the world under one Islamic government and the original text of that 666 thing looks a whole lot like the Arabic for “In the name of Allah.”

      I also believe he is 69 years old, because of the La Salette prophecy given to two shepherd children on September 19, 1846. (Pope Pius IX formally approved the public devotion and prayers to Our Lady of La Salette in 1951.)

      Contained in the original messages* she gave the two children is this intriguing piece of information:

      “Hell will reign on earth. It will be then that the Antichrist will be born … That time is not far away, twice 50 years will not go by.”

      99 years later, hell reigned on earth when the U.S. dropped two atom bombs on Japan. If Anti-Christ’s birthday was in August 1945, he is 69.

      *Beware the corrupted later “messages” published by Melanie, who went off the rails! The original messages and the story of Melanie’s nutty behavior is @


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Ockham’s Razor and all the documentary evidence still has me firmly in the “Ann got knocked up in the back of a car in the spring of her senior year of high school” theory.

    Frank Davis makes no more sense than Obama Sr does, given that Ann was DEFINITELY back in the states attending college at the end of August.

    No freaking way did her doting parents send their only child across an ocean with a NEWBORN so she could be a single parent while taking classes she could take at the college near their home.

    However, her doting parents would totally have moved her to Hawaii when she got knocked up with a half black baby AND arranged for a green card marriage to legitimize the little bastard (who was born in March) AND help her move to Washington for a couple years while (a) the bastard got big enough that no one could tell he had not been born in August and (b) the green card hubby she barely knew could finish his degree in Hawaii, leave the island and give her a divorce.