Rolling Stoner gets real

“It’s a little-known fact, but we reporters could successfully sell Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or any other populist candidate as a serious contender for the White House if we wanted to. … The lapdog mentality is deeply ingrained.” – Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone – April 29, 2015


  • “Little-known”? We’ve been pointing it out for decades.
  • It’s cute how he calls himself a “reporter.”
  • The hack is strong in this one.
  • The mask drops, along with all pretense.
  • How far gone are we when they’re no longer ashamed of being PR shills?

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4 responses to “Rolling Stoner gets real

  1. That IS pretty adorable… that he calls himself a reporter. 😉


  2. Re that “little-known fact” remark, in a nation of 320 million I’m probably safe in assuming Polination doesn’t even see 1/100th of one percent of that in daily traffic, so … we aren’t the droids they’re looking for. And they rely on the oblivion of the masses.