Gosnell Movie Update: GOOD news!

Gosnell The one that got away

Dear Gosnell Movie Backers,

Thank you, we have more than 1000 new donors because of you. Remember all we need is for you to ask three friends to give $1 and we will have 100,000 supporters of the Gosnell Movie. And this is a metric being watched closely by distributors.

But this is not all the good news we have. Good things happen all the time and we want to share that good news with you when we can. I spoke recently in Raleigh NC at a luncheon hosted by one of you, who has asked to remain anonymous. There were about 30 people in attendance. When I had finished speaking one man said he wanted to donate $10,000 to the movie and he asked who else would give, two others in the room immediately pledged $10,000 and $5,000. I hadn’t even asked. Miracles sometimes do happen.

Also I wanted to tell you a fabulous story. I recently attended a party in LA where I met a world famous singer songwriter, he asked what I was doing and I told him about the Gosnell film and told him the story of the one baby that lived.

He immediately said, “I want to write a song for the movie.” I said “We can’t afford you,” its true we really can’t, but he said “Everything’s not about money, I want to write a song”

I can’t tell you who he is and please don’t guess, he needs to see the final shooting script and it mightn’t happen but if it did it would be an actual miracle. But then miracles do happen.

So while working on the script and telling this story faithfully is very upsetting and harrowing at times, more of the time we are in wonder at how good people are and how amazing this community is that you have created.

Thank you,

If you have not donated yet, go here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gosnell-movie and give as LITTLE AS ONE DOLLAR. At this point, they aren’t looking for money as much as SUPPORTERS. Each individual who gives anything counts as one supporter; the higher the number of supporters, the more willing movie distributors will be to book the film into theaters.

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