Why I am no longer a “seamless garment” Catholic

I saw this in my email today: “The Catholic Church’s position is, of course, that the death penalty is wrong and we should not apply it—that even a rapist or a murderer ought not to have his life taken by force, because he too bears in his body and soul the image of God.”

This is incorrect.

“The Church’s teaching has not changed, nor has the Pope said that it has. The Catechism and the Pope state that the state has the right to exact the death penalty. Nations have the right to just war and individuals have the right to self-defense. ”

Read the rest @ https://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/capital_punishment.htm

“Seamless garment” is a phrase used to describe the consistent ethic of life ideology, which not only opposes abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia, but also capital punishment and war.

I oppose abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia and UNJUST war, but I stopped opposing capital punishment in all cases after I heard Dennis Prager speak on it. The compelling point he made for me was that a total ban on a death penalty is tantamount to society saying, “Victims are never as valuable as those who kill them.”

Capital Punishment pro

This didn’t turn me into a rabid, “string them all up” person by any means! But it did open my eyes to the idea that the state can have a compelling need for a death penalty option.

  • A society that values life needs to say, “Some crimes are so heinous that they demand death.”
  • Some criminals need to have the threat of death present in order to protect those (police, prison guards) who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the rest of us.
  • If crime dramas are accurate, the option of “taking the needle off the table” appears to be a valuable aid to law enforcement.

Yes, everyone bears in his body and soul the image of God. But since God gave us free will to utterly reject that identity, sometimes to protect life, we must allow the state to take life.


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2 responses to “Why I am no longer a “seamless garment” Catholic

  1. Really well said! This SG crap has been a thorn in my side for decades, and I often see it pitting Catholics and conservative Protestants against each other for no good reason. It’s simply a concoction that, I think, got started by the US Bishops despite the fact that it was completely incompatible with history and the Bible and Church teaching.

    People complain about Francis being careless in his remarks, and how it can inspire people to misstate teachings, but this one lays squarely at the feet of JP2. He was so horrified by what he saw in WW2 that he preached border-line pacifist concepts that got mutated into “seamless garment” and other ideas that come dangerously close to heresy.

    As much as we’d like to think otherwise, the world has not “progressed” to the point where just killing is no longer necessary, even as unjust killing proliferates. It’s actually the opposite. We are on the cusp of total chaos brought about by rampant evil aided by good intentions, and it’s gonna get rough before it gets better.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Praise be to God for giving us reassurance in both Old and New Testaments that it gets better FOREVER.