Back It Up! Hillary 2016!

I wish to propose “Back It Up” by Unk as the theme song for Hillary’s 2016 campaign.

HILLARY Back that up

“Big ass truck” is a euphemism for a monster truck that smashes everything in its path.  Hillary 2016!

Monster truck

“Big ass truck” is also the motivation for this bumper sticker. Obama’s Third Term!

OBAMA Does this ass bumper sticker

In rap, “a 64” usually refers to a 64 Impala.  As far as I can discern from surfing the internet, the 64 Impala is an iconic car for gangsta rappers and the “dropped” suspension is supposed to make it a super cool chick magnet.  Or something.  Bill’s Third Term!

64 Impala with dropped suspension

Tonka is famous for its real and toy trucks.  In the world of toy trucks, “a 64” is a 1/64th scale toy approximately the size of an unborn child at 12-week gestation.  Hillary supports dumping unwanted fetuses like dirt!

Tonka dump trucks

“Ho” is a euphemism for a whore … or for the kind of skanky Secretary of State who would do a “female dogs humping” dance in front of cameras.  Hillary 2016!  Because dignity is so Bush Era!

2012: US Secretary of State at dinner hosted by South African Foreign Minister in Johannesburg

“Hoe” is also a kind of construction vehicle, one with a big, um, “thing” that puts stuff into the back ends of butts … I mean, dump trucks.   Bill and Hillary, because their sick marriage will take everyone’s mind off the economy and the Middle East.

Dump truck pulling backhoe

The full lyrics to “Back It Up” by Unk are linked below.  They’re really gross … just like the idea of Bilious and Shrillary back in the White House.

Tonka Truck 2006




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  1. And, of course, twerk-dancing in a Mao jacket really sets the whorish fashion standard on many levels.