What is the MOST important meal of the day

The time you spend feeding your soul with prayer and Bible reading.
Dinner with God Set a place

Colleen Mitchell writes: “There was a period in my life when I didn’t even bother to serve myself breakfast or lunch; sleep-deprived and in the constant swirl of meeting the needs of many small people, I often just slogged along through my days foraging left over bits of bread crusts, chicken nuggets, and peas—lots of peas—from my kids’ plates. Looking back, I can see what a terrible habit that was, but in the moment, it seemed perfectly normal to me to never expect to sit, be fed, and feel full because I was too busy serving the needs of others.

“How often we fall into that same habit spiritually! I can easily hit a pace in my life where prayer and quiet and Sabbath rest come as scraps I grab as I run through life meeting everyone else’s needs, never giving myself permission to seek the true soul nourishment I need. No spiritual life can be sustained on a constant diet of scraps. And Jesus never intended for us to feed others while we starved ourselves.”


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