Prune wrapped in tinsel?

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said this about Senator Marco Rubio:

“I see him as a Flat Earth society worshiper … essentially a prune [with] some tinsel around it.”

2015_04 DWS prune tinsel

Debbie insisted we need someone “fresh and new” to run the country.

Pruney Hillary

Maybe Debbie’s real problem with Marco is that she’s a RAAAAAAAAAAACIST.  I mean … a person can’t possibly disagree with someone else’s political positions, right?  It’s ALWAYS gotta be about their race or gender or age or sexual orientation, right?

Rubio Dems not ready for Hispanic



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2 responses to “Prune wrapped in tinsel?

  1. How does anyone keep a straight face while describing Hillary Clinton as “fresh and new”?